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  • Laws Of Assault

    Laws of Assault According to Bergman, crime against persons refers to an offense which by its nature involves the risk that the offender will use physical force against another individual (Bergman, 2016). For example, an assault is a crime against an individual which includes attempts of causing body harm to another person using a weapon such as a gun. Such crimes are punishable, and depend on the jurisdiction where the offender might serve some jail time. Most states stipulate policies which protect its citizen legal rights. Assault and battery laws help determine the degree of the crime together with punishment depending on the statute of a country. In the state of Ohio, crime laws include cases of both battery and assault against an individual.…

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  • Sexual Assault On Campus

    We all have heard of sexual assault happening around the world. One concerning case would be in campus. Campus sexual assault happens as well and some may be handled good others not so much. But with even all of that is there more preventions for this to not happen again or do people look the other way causing it to happen more often? Campuses do have all this programs to help out victims who suffered this type of violence but it seems to not spread the word to prevent this happening again.…

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  • Essay On Simple Assault

    The charge of Simple Assault is defined by the State of Florida Statute as an unlawful, intentional verbal threat or action to act out violence on another person, coupled with the apparent ability to perform this act, and performing an act that instills a reasonable fear in the other person that they are in danger of this violence occurring. Differences Between Simple Assault, Aggravated Assault & Battery Simple Assault - Simple Assault is the most minor assault charge one can incur…

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  • Assault In Colleges

    Colleges Need To Take Sexual Assaults More Seriously ! ! Many parents hope to be sending their young adults off to college to achieve a good education and a life time of memories to cherish. Little do some know, their “babies” aren’t having the experience they would hope to find. It’s said to be that 1 in 4 women will be sexually assaulted in their college career and nearly 10% of these sexual assaults on campus are made towards men. College officials have yet to deal with these problems and it…

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  • Physical Assault Chapter Summary

    Chapter 13 looked at homicide and physical assault. When it comes to the scope of exposure it was stated in the book that “comparing rates of physical assaults across nations is difficult because legal definitions of crime differ. In addition, there is limited access information about physical assaults that are not reported to police. If the legal definition of physical assault differs in two countries or if the proportion of cases reported to police in each country differs, then comparisons…

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  • Sexual Assault

    Furthermore, alcohol use can increase the risk for sexual assault and is sometimes used to justify the assault. Alcohol has been commonly used in date rapes, however, there have been reports of other drugs used and they can be used simultaneously with the alcohol. This is defined as drug-facilitated sexual assault (Crawford, Wright, & Birchmeier, 2008). Moreover, it is important to aid individuals who are victims of sexual assault, but it is also essential to understand the perpetrators and…

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  • Sexual Assault Prevention

    Oversight of Sexual Assault Prevention and Response in the Military On February 5, 2004, a memorandum was issued by the United States Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld addressing his concerns about several allegations of sexual assault reported by military service members deployed to Iraq and Kuwait. The memorandum ordered a review to be conducted within 90 days to determine how the Department of Defense (DoD) had been handling the treatment and care of individuals who had reported being…

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  • Assault On Campus

    Sexual Assaults on College Campuses Sexual assault refers to sexual contact or behavior that occurs without the consent of the victim. Examples of this type of behavior include rape, forcing one to perform sexual actions, unwanted sexual touching, or even verbal threats. Today, sexual assault is continuing to grow as an epidemic on college campuses and many students lack the knowledge and awareness of this problem. Almost 100 colleges and universities reported at least 10 cases of rape on…

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  • Indiana Sexual Assault

    Sexual Assault at Indiana State University One in four college women and one in six males are sexually assaulted. It is important as students at universities to take control in preventing sexual assaults at Indiana State University. It is important to acknowledge that sexual assault is an issue within universities, and action needs to be taken in order to provide a safe environment for everyone at Indiana State University. It is the job of students to raise awareness about sexual assault at…

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  • Sexual Assault Definition

    The term “Sexual Assault” can be interpreted in many different ways. No two cases of sexual assault are identical, which makes defining and classifying sexual assaults difficult. Victims of sexual assault report the crime to the authorities, but the range of severity and variety of cases make it tough to prove that the perpetrator is guilty. Sexual assault is defined as a “sexual act against a person’s will or in a circumstance where the person is either unable to give consent due to age,…

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