Assault In Colleges

Colleges Need To Take Sexual Assaults More Seriously !
! Many parents hope to be sending their young adults off to college to achieve a good education and a life time of memories to cherish. Little do some know, their
“babies” aren’t having the experience they would hope to find. It’s said to be that 1 in 4 women will be sexually assaulted in their college career and nearly 10% of these sexual assaults on campus are made towards men. College officials have yet to deal with these problems and it needs to stop.!
! Some people fail to realize that rapes don’t have to be from a stranger that drags them from an alley into the darkness. Rape can be any form of unwanted sexual contact. In america 70% of the victims knew or have associated with their
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There are more attacks than some might think during college. These years in the young adults lives are very crucial and the harmful situations are not being brought to the surface because colleges fail to give the information about sexual assaults on their campus and not investigate these allegations. During May of this year, the Department of Education gave a list of over 50 colleges and universities that were being looked into for not dealing with sexual assault and harassment cases thoroughly. These college were in the top colleges in the nation,
Sabrina Burch Monday, November 10, 2014 at 11:07:29 AM Central Standard Time
Princeton, Harvard and Dartmouth college (Berger). These schools have a reputation to uphold to keep bringing in students. Sexual assaults in universities is far more of a problem than people tend to think. Institutions of higher education don’t want
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This law states that all colleges and universities that take part in federal student aid programs should have the decency to give any sexual assault victim their basic rights as a survivor. Any school that seems to have broken this law can potentially be fined with a substantially amount of money up to $35,000 or will be sacrificing their ability to engage in using the federal student aid programs (“The Federal Campus Sexual
Assault”). This can and should potentially give the colleges a warning to make what is known to be one of the biggest problems in colleges a change in how they approach these incidents. There have been more help from the government in recent times with these issues that is much grateful. With colleges actually getting in trouble for not following the guidelines and rules of the law, there needs to be a more drastic change to the policy and exactly what they are supposed to do. There is a way that they white house is approaching this issue to better further everyones education and help create a safer environment for the people attacked and anyone who it could happen to next.
“Over the next 90 days, the White House task force will be trying to navigate

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