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  • Active Listening: Effective Communication In The Workplace

    reaction and the vibe in the restaurant would be off because no one would think the outcome of the day will be good. Now I will always remember that day were I continually told myself everything is okay and everything ended up being okay. Messages Very in Assertiveness Lastly, about a month ago there was a coworker of mine, named Jack, that was not doing his job. He is a nice person so I did not want to hurt his feelings, although I needed him to do his job properly. I went up to him and said, “You have been working here for a few months now, and you do not have any excuse to not know the table numbers. So please stop watching football and being on your phone and pay attention to the customers, they do not like to be ignored.” I needed to make it seem important for him to change his behaviors because what he was doing was unprofessional. He took it poorly and ended up being afraid to talk to me. Messages can be assertive, however it is possible it could come out aggressive. To be assertive without being too aggressive towards someone can be difficult. To be assertive means to explain your wants without hurting anyone’s feelings in the processes. People are commonly too aggressive while attempting to be assertive. Levels of assertiveness vary from culture to culture. People in low power distance culture and individualistic culture tend to be more assertive with their opinions. Being assertive in many situations is a good thing. It is good because one can express their…

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  • Aggressive Communication Analysis

    Based on my daily life, and depending on the specific role I play, I choose to be passive, assertive and aggressive. In reference to session 8 "Effective Communication", using a scenario, I view a passive individual to believe "You are okay, I'm not", an assertive individual to believe "I'm okay, you are okay", while an aggressive individual believes "I'm okay, and you are not". I believe all three communication styles are influence by our surroundings and how comfortable an individual is with…

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  • Women Assertiveness

    With the increasing number of women who are working in the society, the differences between gender and their conversational style differences have became much more evident. Thus, this topic has received much attention from researchers. Conversational style is defined as “an everyday facet of speech that categorizes both the social group and the individual” (Whorf, 1949, as cited in Tannen, 1987). It constitutes from how individuals speak, to what meaning is encoded in and can be derived from…

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  • Process Of Listening Analysis

    A good resource for this is SkillsYouNeed (2011) Assertiveness Defined as “confidently aggressive or self-assured; positive: aggressive; dogmatic:” (Dictionary, 2016) Although the description makes you think of someone who is angry, this is not what Assertiveness is: it’s to make sure to let your voice be heard. The main use for this in business is to reduce group think. When a group of people are together they may all start to think in the same way and make bad decisions. Being assertive means…

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  • Collaboration When Bearing In Margaret Edson's Wit

    It was a perfect time to show assertiveness, especially after Bearing had an increased temperature and was in an immunocompromised state. However, when she does decide to be more assertive it is toward the end of the play. By that time, Dr. Posner tries to revive her after Monahan grabs him and says she is not a full code. The patient is already dead by the time she decides to be more assertive. When one adds some assertiveness to her caring nature, one has Monahan’s true identity as a nurse. …

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  • The Importance Of Assertiveness

    It is the ability to deliver own opinion and knowledge in a clear, concise and non-aggressive way (Yurtsal & Özdemir, 2015). Assertiveness is very important to keep patient`s confidence and trust in healthcare workers. Assertiveness could be a tool used by nurses to strengthen the relationship with patients. In the case of Mrs. Bernardi, the two nurses should not talk aggressively regarding care plan in front of her. Eventually, it will make a bad impression on Mrs. Bernardi and her family and…

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  • Communication And Interpersonal Interaction Essay

    they can see there is conflict. Secondly, the worker must communicate in a respectful way. The reason they have to do this is because it shows that you are serious that you are there to help them. Thirdly, the member of staff needs to create a trusting relationship again, by making them feel valued and important. Finally, the problem needs to try and be solved, by reflecting on what has happened, and how it can be dealt with in the future. This supports communication because…

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  • The Importance Of Assertiveness In Communication

    Assertiveness is an important social skill that promotes an individual?s well-being. Assertive individuals have an internal control; it enhances the self confidence, a positive attitude towards self and others. Individuals who are assertive show an acceptance of others attitude and feelings (Townsend, 2007). Assertiveness in communication promotes social support. It is an essential social skill that is required to resist peer pressure. Social support has a protective power and promotes…

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  • Frankenstein Nature Vs Nurture Analysis

    Love me Tender, Love me sweet Humans. Are they products of nature or nurture and where do a parents parenting and teachings play into the growth and development of a child 's personality? The world may never know the exact answer to this question and people may never understand the individual thought processes behind people 's aggressive actions. In Mary Shelley 's sci-fi novel, Frankenstein, the creature is a perfect example of being both a product nature and nurture. The creatures…

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  • Moral Emotional Attributions

    Arsenio and Ramos-, and aggression relations with maternal discipline and support. This article addressed psychological principle such as; the connections among young children’s moral emotion attributions and narratives, maternal practices and social support, and children’s aggressive tendencies. The authors are studying affective influences on children’s and adolescents’ academic performance, peer relations, social emotional development, and attachment. Again, in this article author studying…

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