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  • The Career Of Cristiano Ronaldo

    Cristiano Ronaldo is a Portuguese footballer and entrepreneur. His net worth is $280 million. How he made it Soccer Cristiano Ronaldo currently plays as a winger or striker for Real Madrid. He has also been playing for the Portugal National Team until 2015, when he was released. He helped the team to secure their qualification for the Euro 2016 tournament in summer. He joined Real Madrid after a transfer from Manchester United in 2009. The transfer fee was $132 million, making him the most expensive player in the history of soccer. Ronaldo ranks second among the world’s soccer players with the highest salaries. He makes $40 million annually. Samuel Eto’o ranks first. Christiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro scored 40 goals in 20 seasons, making him the first person to achieve this mean feat in La Liga history. He renewed his contract with Real Madrid in 2013. It will last 6 years…

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  • Cristiano Ronaldo And Messi Similarities

    era, it is an undisputable fact that Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are the two best players around. They are both always the top two contesters for the Ballon d'Or, which is the most significant individual trophy in the soccer world. Every year, each player out performs the other one breaking records and creating history. Both players hold a prestigious name in soccer internationally, creating a respect for the game that takes a special individual to understand. While both athletes are…

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  • Cristiano Ronaldo Vs Messi Research Paper

    on their television set and watch Messi go past five to six players and score or Cristiano Ronaldo scoring a “thunderbolt” from forty yards out, everyone may have second thoughts. In today’s world of professional soccer, these two names come up when the question of “Who is the best player in the world?” is posed. Lionel Messi is an Argentinian superstar, and Cristiano Ronaldo is the Portuguese juggernaut. They are without a doubt the two best players in the world today. Messi is 5’7’’ and 148…

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  • A Rhetorical Analysis Of Giorgio Armani

    women’s wear, accessories, glasses, cosmetics and perfumes. Armani is a well-known and the fastest growing brand in the fashion industry. Among the most products, Armani jeans is quiet popular. The Armani exchange is a leading clothing company and it has partnered with the lead player Cristiano Ronaldo to promote their product. This paper aims to show that the Armani advertisement uses role reversal to represent male metro-sexuality and power dynamics to sell their product. To advertise the…

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  • Cristiano Ronaldo Research Paper

    Switching Spots with Cristiano Ronaldo Switching spots with Cristiano Ronaldo would be amazing. He is a professional soccer player who plays for Real Madrid and the Portuguese national team. He gets paid 79 million dollars a year. He lives a life of money, cars and soccer. He has a son named Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. He is the best soccer player in the whole world. Cristiano Ronaldo plays the sport of soccer. Soccer is my favorite sport and arguably the best sport in…

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  • A Rhetorical Analysis Of The Image Of Christiano Ronaldo

    It’s the biggest sports brand in the world, and there is one phrase that signifies what they are “Just Do It”. The image of Christiano Ronaldo, arguably the best soccer player in the world is the athlete of this image, as such for his image there is a lot of success behind him that drives him as being the icon he is. He has countless world player of the year awards, and team trophies, from club teams to national teams that help his brand and the brand that supports him. The image in example can…

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  • Cristiano Epstein: Sports Should Be Child's Play

    The idea of sports has been around since humankind. Ancient Greece introduced the Olympic Games in 776 BC which still to this very day encourages athletes to train for early on in their lives (“’History’”). Cristiano Ronaldo for example was only ten when he was deemed “A phenomenon—a kid who ate, slept and drank the game” (Christiano). George Jr, or better known as “Babe Ruth”, was only seven when he was introduced into baseball (Babe). How do children grow up to be talented in a sport? The…

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  • Reflective Essay: A Career In College

    they do not convey my passion for this field of study. They do not portray the gratification I get from my speech classes, regardless of the amount of work they require. And while it sometimes seems difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel when staring down a seemingly endless string of all-nighters and staring over piles of coffee-stained notes, it is these experiences, along with all the experiences Temple has already given me, that allow me to see just how rewarding hard work is…

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  • Should Football Players Be Paid

    ambition at the age of 17 unlike footballers where they already have to demonstrate their skills to the professional football coach at the same age or they will not have the career as top footballers. Most of their childhood is totally devoted to football which basically means they have to sacrifice their normal childhood lives. Not only that, footballers need to struggle physically and mentally on their own at the early age to keep developing their skills in order to convince a football club to…

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  • Describe The Relationship Between Athletes And Beauty

    famous style printed across the chest. Anthony Davis is unquestionably a supreme athlete, his talents allow him to break the link between physical beauty and athletic performance. One figure known all over the world that is a prime example of the science that binds beauty and athletic behavior is Christiano Ronaldo. Much like Anthony Davis, Ronaldo is at the top of his game for Real Madrid. Considered one of the best players in the world the forward has landed major deals with all types of…

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