A Rhetorical Analysis Of The Image Of Christiano Ronaldo

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It’s the biggest sports brand in the world, and there is one phrase that signifies what they are “Just Do It”. The image of Christiano Ronaldo, arguably the best soccer player in the world is the athlete of this image, as such for his image there is a lot of success behind him that drives him as being the icon he is. He has countless world player of the year awards, and team trophies, from club teams to national teams that help his brand and the brand that supports him. The image in example can really be dissected into each rhetorical group, but for the image selected ethos is the rhetoric. With Ronaldo as the sports idol used for the image it’s easy to say the target audience is those who care for the game of soccer. Soccer is the world’s …show more content…
On an international level Ronaldo’s jersey ranks number 2 in jersey sales in all of sports not just soccer according to www.bleacherreport.com’s Nick Dimengo. Nick states in his article “Arguably the world's top soccer player, Real Madrid and Portugal striker Cristiano Ronaldo is no stranger to being on top” which furthers the reason for ads like these to continue due to the global revenue being brought in. Also viewing soccer from the fan standpoint there isn’t really a sport with as fanatical fans as soccer, every culture has their way of expressing the love for their team or hate for their rival and ads like this further that view, those fanatical fans will go out get their Nike gear and prep for the game ready to cheer or in reality hate because like the other team is wearing Nike also and further the point of Nike being a globally dominate sports brand. There is no greater global brand and arguably no greater sports icon to represent the line of equipment and apparel than Nike and Ronaldo on the world platform they both stand on, and will continue to stand on as Ronaldo continues to write the

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