Diet Pepsi Ad Analysis

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An effective advertisement works best when it strikes a chord in the needs and desires of the receiving consumer – a connection that can be both intuitive and highly calculated. How to appeal to men vs. women? They respond to different stimuli, absorb different details and make decisions in very different ways. Successful advertising means knowing how to communicate effectively to men and women, realizing their differences. Studying data about how men and women respond and interact with ads is very valuable when developing strategic advertising. The two images for Pepsi ad displayed above shows how advertisements targets gender specific audience.
The first advertisement for Diet Pepsi targets a female audience. We can say that because it is
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The vertical alignment of the text and the word “skinny” is used for this purpose. The shape of the “Skinny” Pepsi can mainly remind us of bodies of models that are tall and skinny. What is significant about the profile shot is that it is mainly used in order to represent Sofia Vergara as a very skinny woman. There is a great amount of light on the shoulder and her cheek that makes her appear skinnier. The text “the new skinny can” suggests that a woman “can” get into shape by drinking Diet Pepsi. The ad is clearly trying to use women’s obsession over thinness in order to promote sales. We can find that the three major components of the advertisement: the woman drinking the soda, the can, and the tagline “the new skinny can” are situated along the direction of a certain vertical axis. The axial balance is used in order to represent the idea of being “well-organized”, which appeals to a woman. Colors in this advertisement are very significant. Everything is mainly in Blue, the background, the hat, the woman’s clothes; even we can see blue on the straw. This advertisement is based on the themes of …show more content…
The male figure in the ad is David Beckham, the lead kicker of the UK soccer team; this would appeal more to men, because there are more male soccer fans around the world than females. The presence of the leather soccer ball also captures male attention. David Beckham is represented as a gladiator and this character represent power, which is a characteristic of men. It is appealing to men to be portrayed as strong and powerful, therefore, the model with a muscular body is appropriately chosen. There is less color and the background is dark, which is preferential for men. The high energy text message in bold letter “let battle commence” is to capture a man’s attention. This is based on the fact that men require less persuasion and fewer words to take immediate action, and a direct tone using staccato action words is more likely to impress men. As viewers, we are susceptible to this idea of a male vs. female stereotype, and in exploiting this division; the ad is successful in explicitly targeting men as the desired audience. The general appearance of this ad is sharp and bold, which successfully targets male

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