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  • Guantanamo Bay Reflection Essay

    After reading the comments of my peers from project two. I can confidently say that the majority of the class liked my piece about Guantanamo Bay. I am extremely grateful for the ones that liked it gave me positive feedback. I am also grateful to the people that critiqued my work. This will allow me to go back and make the changes I need to make my piece that much stronger. The critique that came out the most was the critique of me not having a clear-cut audience. I am aware of that mistake and I will be going back and fixing the problem in these coming days. Although I enjoyed reading the project three rough drafts. We as a classroom still have a lot of work to do before the final portfolio. Some more than others, but in general we all need to work on our projects three to make our final portfolio sensational. Going through all my classmate’s papers and reading them, I had a few that stuck out. Why College Athletes Should Be Paid, Obesity, and Safe Sex. Why these papers stuck out to me so much was because of the information that was provided throughout the essay. When reading, them I wanted to read more. I wanted to learn more information about all these topics I was kind of ignorant on. While on the topic of these essays, they also need to be worked on to fix mistakes throughout their essay. Why College Athletes Should Be…

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  • Scientist Thorne's Study

    This theory says that children are bodies born without knowledge and a mind of their own. This is critiqued because the central tenets all conclude that children are their own beings with their own thought process. It is not accurate to say that children are waiting for influence because they are still people with their own will. The second critique that goes along with this theory is that children and childhood are seen as the same thing. This is a common misconception, because childhood opens…

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  • Critique

    Critique for “The Job Market: Is a College Degree Worth Less?” In her article, “The Job Market: Is a College Degree Worth Less?”, Kristi Oloffson (Dec, 2009) focuses on the inadequacy in the value of having a bachelor’s degree in the working world. Some statistics show that having a bachelor’s degree was more satisfying in the 1970s than it is today. In addition, the rate of unemployment for graduates has been rising, owing to the increased number of colleges and students that possess…

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  • Article Critique

    Article Critique Wood, R. & Ashfield, J. (2008). The use of the interactive whiteboard for creative teaching and learning in literacy and mathematics: a case study. Br J Educ Technol, 39(1), 84- 96. Introduction This paper aims at critiquing an article written by Ruth Wood and Jean Ashfield on the use of interactive whiteboards in a bid to enhance creative teaching and learning in literacy and mathematics. This piece will evaluate the strengths…

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  • Theory Critique

    Theory Critique: Benner's Novice to Expert A nursing theory is a group of interrelated statements that present a systematic view about a nursing phenomenon and is useful for description, explanation, prediction or control (Walker & Avant, 2011). Nursing theory provides the foundation for nursing practice and helps to generate new knowledge which, then, validates and defines the boundaries of the discipline. Nursing theory critique is a rigorous exercise that assists in identification of the…

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  • Anthropological Critique

    Anthropological Critique of the Journal Article ‘Anthropogenic Nutrients and Harmful Algae in Coastal Waters’ by Davidson et al. (2014) Introduction (1/2 page) With geological experts currently attempting to declare a new geological period, the Anthropocene, Humanistic-scientific spectrum (1 page) The scientific and the humanistic perspectives form two contrasting approaches towards approaching research. Each approach is applicable in the appropriate situation. However, neither perspective is…

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  • Journal Critique

    Journal Critique Reflecting on Practice: using learning journals in higher and continuing education Learning journals are an important method of assisting students with critical reflection, and as such are the focus of many discussions and studies. Most of the studies surrounding critical reflection and the use of learning journals focus on traditional students. The lack of study relating to non-traditional students, learning journals, and critical reflection creates the foundation for the…

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  • Cultural Critique

    Cultural Critique: Touching Strangers I chose to attend Richard Renaldi’s exhibit, Touching Strangers, for my cultural critique. I attended this exhibit on March 31, 2016 and it was located in the Foosaner Art Museum in Melbourne, Florida. This exhibit consisted of pictures taken of individuals with no interactions between the two or three of them prior to the photograph being taken (Gallery Guide, 2016). What was most interesting about this exhibit that attracted me to it was the name of it. I…

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  • Comparative Critique

    Comparative Critique In 2006 obesity was making headlines. Journalists plastered the papers with articles. Each journalist had their own unique opinion on the issue, and their articles offered a window into their perspective. Some journalists, like Roberta Seid wrote about America's obsession with being slim, others, like Amanda Spake wrote about the the health issues that accompanied obesity. Although these authors were commenting on two very different parts of the weight debate their arguments…

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  • Annotation Critique

    The following paper provides an annotation including a summary and critique from one reading in the assigned list. Taylor (1916/2005) will the target article within the first annotation. The second portion of this paper is a reflection that synthesizes multiple reading while also considering how the reading can be applied to my own practice/organization. Annotation: Taylor (1916/2005) Summary The average businessman in the early twentieth century report 19 out of 20 workers believe it is in…

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