Cristiano Ronaldo Vs Messi Research Paper

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There are magicians around us. Skeptics will disagree but when someone turns on their television set and watch Messi go past five to six players and score or Cristiano Ronaldo scoring a “thunderbolt” from forty yards out, everyone may have second thoughts. In today’s world of professional soccer, these two names come up when the question of “Who is the best player in the world?” is posed. Lionel Messi is an Argentinian superstar, and Cristiano Ronaldo is the Portuguese juggernaut. They are without a doubt the two best players in the world today. Messi is 5’7’’ and 148 pounds, soaking wet. Ronaldo, on the other hand, is 6’1’’ and weighs 165 pounds. He has a higher vertical than most NBA players and is faster over forty meters than some Olympic sprinters. Ronaldo is an athletic freak. He is very technically gifted and has a …show more content…
It means throughout the course of a game he is running almost twice as far as Messi would normally run. It also means that he does not nearly have the same amount of goal scoring opportunities as well.
Yet, when Cristiano Ronaldo switched to “La Liga,” the league Messi always played in,
Ronaldo’s goal scoring record has always been better than Lionel Messi. Since Ronaldo moved to Spain, Messi has been scoring at a rate of 1.01 while Ronaldo edging out the Barcelona striker with a scoring rate of 1.05. This fact clearly indicates that Cristiano Ronaldo is unstoppable from anywhere on the pitch. Be it from “Midfield” or from the “Wings,” Cristiano Ronaldo will score. There is no other player better at putting the ball in the net than the Portuguese himself. The most coveted personal accolade in soccer is the Ballon d 'Or, which is
French for “Golden Ball”. Between the two players, they have won it eight times, all of which coming in the past eight years. Messi has won 4 consecutive Ballon d 'Or between 2009-2012. This is pretty startling considering that for those past eight

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