Reflective Essay: A Career In College

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“I luboo ameega!” Translation: I love you, Amanda!
That was probably the most eloquently pronounced phrase my brother Matthew could articulate at age three. No one could ever understand what Matthew was trying to say. It was as if he spoke a language of his own. It was not until my mother enrolled Matthew in preschool that his teacher suggested he meet with the school’s SLP, Dr. Jennifer Downs. Before this point in time, I had never heard of a SLP, nor had I any clue the impact that this series of events would have on my life, as well as my brother’s.
The results of his sessions with her were almost immediately evident. His speech became more intelligible and, soon enough, he was able to form coherent sentences and effectively communicate with us, as well as others. On a few occasions, I was fortunate enough to shadow Dr. Downs, providing me a firsthand feel for
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In addition, one professor, after commending my passion and proclivity for hard work, asked me to partake in the Preceptor Program of the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders for her Syntax class, affording me the unique opportunity to help other Temple students learn and mold their interests. While involving a great deal of hard work, I can honestly say being a part of the Preceptor Program was one of the most rewarding experiences I had the honor of participating in while at Temple. It helped me hone my time management and leadership skills, as well as gave me experience planning and organizing a myriad of class lessons and activities. Being that my current professional interests involves working with young children in school settings, I believe that this experience has helped me to form a solid foundation in the areas of communicating and aiding others in a manner that is both professional as well as

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