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  • Personal Narrative: My Favorite Sport Of Soccer

    A passion is a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something. My favorite sport has always been the game of soccer, the world’s most popular sport, as it is for many others around the world. I began playing in the second grade and since then, it has pushed me to work harder, strengthened me mentally to focus more, and ameliorated me socially by bringing me closer to others with similar interests. Through my passion for the game, soccer has fueled my will to succeed in everything I do…

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  • The Importance Of Being In Soccer

    If I started this with the thought that I was going to do great I am also going to end it in a great way because I started off on trying my best and i am not giving up ever. At the moment I am wearing Cristiano Ronaldo gray cleats with his initials printed on them and a red practice shirt from the outside team I played for. “Hey you with the red shirt what's your name!” the JV White coach yells, I step out the field and I respond “My name is Ana Benitez, nice…

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  • Top Trumps World Football Stars: Meta Game

    Meta: Power, skill, and agility are what make up a good footballer, with these also being the characteristics of Top Trumps World Football stars, the newest online slots game from Novomatic. Top Trumps World Football Stars If you are a fan of football and casino slots, I have some very promising news for you. There is a new game on the way in Top Trumps World Football Stars 2014 that is sure to tickle your fancy. Promising to play unlike any other slot you have played before, this game is…

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  • Soccer Player Messi Essay

    The Soccer Player, Messi. Name Institution Course Date The Soccer Player, Messi. Soccer is one of the mainly well-liked sports in Europe as well as the Americas. It has a stunning furthermore motivating history in the humanity of sports. Early indication of soccer played as a game gets happening in China all through the 2nd along with 3rd centuries BC. It is said that early growth of the present soccer began in England and it is for the period of medieval period, the previous type of…

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  • Explain Why Soccer Is The Best Sport In The World

    My favorite game including FIFA, it is a multiplayer or singleplayer game that allows you to play with friends or family and it is a really good game based in real life you can buy players from the transfer market like Cristiano Ronaldo or other players. Soccer is a fantastic sport and the rules make it more fun. Soccer has changed over the centuries and it is satisfying when you score and juke someone out, it's satisfying as you sprint across the field and as you run grass…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Being A Professional Athlete

    Do you want to earn millions of dollars? Do you want to travel and go to various cities or countries? Do you want to earn endorsements and enjoy the benefits from companies such as Nike or Adidas? You’re in luck, as all it will take to be able to earn all of the perks mentioned is a relatively simple formula. Just be athletically inclined with the talent to play a specific sport of your choosing. Pertaining to that, you’ll also have to be highly proficient in some areas. Size, strength, speed,…

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  • Why Do Athletes Get Overpaid

    The bigger an athlete’s contract gets, the more well known he becomes. In the last decade or so, many very well known athletes have been signing record breaking multi-million dollar contracts. What gives franchise owners the right to put a price on someone way over someone else. All players are playing the same sport therefore, they should all make an averaged salary. Following that, giving all this money to these athletes can potentially endanger their lives. Not to forget that all this money…

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  • How To Kick A Football Essay

    Example 1 – Cristiano Ronaldo Football strike: Bones and Joints: Kicking a football uses all of the bones and joints in your lower body. The tarsals, metatarsals and phalanges of your foot provide the contact surface that strikes the ball. The tibia and tarsals form your ankle joint, which must stay slightly flexed but rigid when you kick so that no power is lost. Your knee joint, consisting of the tibia and femur, extends as your thigh muscles contract and your hip, which is made up of your…

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  • Nike Mission Statement

    statement is “To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world” and that is exactly what they do. They are a staple brand in every sport worldwide. They have the top athletes endorse them, including LeBron James, Tiger Woods, and Cristiano Ronaldo. What better way to increase awareness, then to have the top athletes’ world wide endorse your brand. That helps inspire every person to go out and be an athlete. Nike is also very innovative in their creation. They have what’s…

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  • Stereotypes Of Women In Sports Essay

    team, “has 184 international goals – more than any other man or woman in history” (Goff, 2015, par.1). Abby Wambach has broken the stereotype that women are not as good athletes as men; she has outscored even the soccer greats, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. Another great example is midfielder, Carli Lloyd, who in the World Cup final, “scored a historic hat trick, with all three goals occurring within the first sixteen minutes of the game.” (Pennsylvania Conference for Women, 2015, Par.3).…

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