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  • Portugal History

    Portugal today is a place that thrives on tourism; it is known for its beaches, wines and corks, and Cristiano Ronaldo, but it all started somewhere. Portugal’s name comes from the Latin phrase “beautiful port”. Portugal history starts way back to the 15th and 16th century, being one of Europe’s oldest nations. Portugal was seen as a world power back during colonization times, having colonies in South America, Africa, and Asia. Portugal slowly began to lose that when the English, French, and…

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  • Tag Heuer Case

    At the moment Tag Heuer does not the brand recognition that Omega, Rolex, or Richemont have. A way to increase their brand recognition would be to the signed of famous athletes to endorse their products. Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid-Portugal) is perhaps the most famous athlete in the world, he just signed a deal with Tag Heuer to promote their products. Tag Heuer can as a result create marketing campaigns with the famous footballer to increase their image.…

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  • The Shawshank Redemption Film

    Other times, the least two good things at once appear. In the year 1994 these two good things were "Forrest Gump" and "The Shawshank Redemption" two shooting stars racing across the sky at night. As Nadal and Federer, Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo (put well known to all similes), these two films represent that kind of matching genius, fortunately or unfortunately, in the same moment in time. Is the winner? "Forrest Gump," which six statues of Los Angeles was in 1995, while "The Shawshank…

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  • Explain How Samsung Smartphones Changed The World

    They try to attract their customers by advertising through forms of media like brochures, videos, photos etc. Their most popular method of marketing is celebrity endorsements where Samsung was successful in landing contracts with stars such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, LeBron James and many others (,…

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  • Marketing Strategy: Samsung Marketing Strategies

    Samsung Marketing Strategy Not too far ago, Samsung wasn't as popular as now. They struggled to keep up with the smartphone market, but now Samsung has progressed so much that they are the main competitor of the Apple Inc. Furthermore, Samsung is the largest tech business by revenue and seventh most valuable brands today. What helped Samsung to become an industry leading technology company, was the marketing strategy they applied. The Samsung marketing strategy was one of the most effective…

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  • Professional Athletes Paid

    Around the world professional athletes are paid between hundreds of thousands dollar to millions of dollars to play a sport, whether its catching, throwing, shooting, passing, or hitting a ball. These types of money should be given to American who are contributing to our society. American like firemen. police officer, or soldiers are being payed less money who are risking their lives every day. Teachers who work five days a week grading papers, teaching new material, and provide instruction in…

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  • Compare And Contrast Soccer Vs American Football

    Since its conception, the beautiful game of soccer has been a sport played all over the world, played by many ages and admired by all. In Europe, South America, Asia, and Africa, soccer is as big of a deal, if not more, than American football is in the United States. While soccer has not been in the United States for that long, the American people do not elevate it to the same status as they do baseball, basketball, or football. In the rest of the world, soccer is considered to be their…

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  • Positive Effects Of Mass Media Advertising

    Mass media advertising has a significant influence on people in today’s society, including the younger generation. As advertising is displayed all around us, which can influence the decisions make in what they are interested in and/ or purchase. This can be related to the sale of alcoholic beverages through advertising strategies, which would have an effect on young people and their future drinking behaviour. Alcohol promotion through advertising can be achieved through strategies of brand…

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  • Narrative Essay On Max's Dream

    Max’s Dream Max Walker is a 13 year old, dark haired kid who loved soccer, he dreamed of becoming a famous soccer player who played around the world. It was Max’s favorite thing to do. But his dad thought otherwise. He thought soccer was pointless and would not get Max anywhere in life. His dad wanted him to become a doctor like him. “You’re going to be a doctor, just like your dad.” His dad would say. He thought that Max should spend his time studying and getting ready for med school. It was…

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  • Celebrity Endorsement Research Paper

    For example; boys/men tend to use CLEAR shampoo only because Cristiano Ronaldo is the celebrity endorser for that product – he, being a big football player, has a major impact on buying behavior of the market segment of boys/men that love football – this set of consumer group is biased as they believe that the celebrity…

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