Do You Want To Earn A Lot Of Money

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Do you want to earn millions of dollars? Do you want to travel and go to various cities or countries? Do you want to earn endorsements and enjoy the benefits from companies such as Nike or Adidas? You’re in luck, as all it will take to be able to earn all of the perks mentioned is a relatively simple formula. Just be athletically inclined with the talent to play a specific sport of your choosing. Pertaining to that, you’ll also have to be highly proficient in some areas. Size, strength, speed, coordination, and knowledge are some aspects that you’ll have to have to be able to earn all of those things previously mentioned. Also, you have to be good enough to be able to play in a professional league. Lacking in some of those areas? Yeah, I do …show more content…
That also means I’m unable to earn the millions of dollars or even travel. Doesn’t seem really fair to the average person, as the average person earns a lot less than the average professional athlete, often doing much more tedious, complicated, or dangerous tasks. This salary disparity, as unfair as it is, points out the ridiculous amounts of money that those professional athletes earn for participating in a sport. Earning a lot of money isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but there is a sense of asking, how much is too much?
To understand the large salaries that these professional athletes earn, we must understand why professional athletes earn so much. A reason for the high paycheck to an athlete is the immense popularity and appeal of sports. Playing sports and watching sports are popular recreation activities that many people enjoy to do. After all, sports command a high number of followers. Soccer and cricket are the two most popular, commanding a total of 4 billion and 2.5 billion followers respectively (INSERT CITATION HERE) Participating in sports has become a prevalent option in our everyday lives. It provides an active way of exercising, perfect for those wanting

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