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  • The Importance Of Concussions In Professional Sports

    Professional sports to middle school athletics you will find Thousands of reports of concussions. Sports are only small part of it. Many reports also come from bicycle accidents, car accidents, and falls. The increase of concussion reports have raised 15% annually, tons of research is being done to help prevent this injury from happening but the brain is a very hard thing to protect when it comes to hard contact. “CTE or Chronic traumatic encephalopathy is a very rare condition was discovered from individuals in the brains of people who played contact sports, such as football who took numerous shots to the head lead to brain injury. At first they believed to be limited to just boxers and no other athletes.” (Medical News Today) Boxers soon discovered a concussion with men who received many shots to the head in boxing would feel slightly drunk and hazy. They started calling it…

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  • Gender Segregation In Professional Sports

    Professional sports are sports in which athletes receive a disbursement for their performance ("Definition of Professional Sports in English” 1). Professional sports originated in the United States during the mid-nineteenth century. According to the article “Beginning of Organized Sports in America,” this distinctive league was “formed on capitalistic ideas” and soon developed into a nationwide phenomenon. Sports play a substantial role in cultures across the globe. In America, the success of…

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  • Self-Serve Hostage In Professional Sports

    Numerous people who enter a sports complex are there for a couple of different reason. These reasons can include such aspects of the fan experience as the nostalgic feel of the stadium, for the enjoyment of the competition, or even take their children to their first ball game. One of the lower concerns of the fans that come to these games are the face-to-face interaction that they have with individuals who are serving them their food. In order to be able to watch the entire game, these…

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  • Is It Ethical To Use Peds In Professional Sports

    I think it’s not cool to use PEDs in sports. Even though it has been shown that taking these drugs improves performance. I remember an old Gatorade commercial where it talks about how Gatorade originated with the Florida Gator football team. Toward the end the narrator says” those boys drank that stuff and they became a second-half team.” Gatorade helps with endurance but it’s not a drug. It replaces fluids and electrolytes during physical activity. It’s legal. It doesn’t make you bigger,…

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  • Professional Sports: The Theory Of Functionalism

    In the United States, regardless of the type of sport being played many people often enjoy watching and cheering for their favorite sports teams. People that share an affiliation and passion for a certain team come together to watch their teams perform either in person or on the television. And forming a bond with a specific sports team can also become a way for people to identify with places they live or have lived at one point in their life. Even in cases where there exist bitter rivalries…

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  • What Is The Role Of Domestic Violence In Professional Sports

    Professional sports leagues and Domestic violence. Domestic Violence: Are Professional Athletes Getting Off Too Easy? Have you ever heard of Ray…

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  • The Use Of Steroids In Professional Sports

    Steroids have always been a negative influence in sports,but what if they didn’t have to be? Studies have shown that spectators enjoy watching athletes play at a higher level. Professional athletes should be allowed to use performance enhancing drugs because spectators are paying to see an athlete perform at their very best, the most entertaining and the most competitive. As a viewer you are paying to see an athlete perform at their respected sport, meaning they should be able to perform at…

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  • Lance Armstrong Doping Scandal: Corruption In Professional Sports

    deflategate scandal of 2015, in 2012 the Lance Armstrong doping scandal, and many more in every sport imaginable. These events are horrible for fans, as their beloved sport become ruined by the greed and evil nature of just a select few. It spoils the image of a league or organization and makes all the parties involved look bad. In all these cases, the suspects are eventually caught by the professional athletes and businessmen who have often been involved with the sport for years. Organizations…

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  • Of-The-Day Technology Is Increasing Instant Usage In Professional Sports

    Technology is changing everything around us, including sports. With modern technology now, people can tackle it into our professional sports to make the games equitable. Instant replay is the most significant magnificence in our sports these days. It allows the officials and fans to look at the recent play and decide if the call was accurate. Not only that, but they can reduce that an incorrect call was made and the expansion is imposing. First, it allows the officials and fans to look at the…

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  • Performance Enhancing Drugs Should Be Banned In Professional Sports

    The Wow World of Sports and Steroids. We cheer every touchdown, every homerun, and we cheer our loudest for our favorite athlete at every sports event, but there is a very dark side to their performance. Even though performance enhancing drugs allows our athletes to perform at their highest level, all kinds of performance-enhancing drugs should be banned in professional sports because it is giving our kids a reason to start using drugs. Plus performance enhancing drugs are harmful and…

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