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  • Professional Wrestling Narrative

    I separate my life into two parts: before professional wrestling and after professional wrestling. It sounds ridiculous but professional wrestling has made me the person I am today. I started watching wrestling when I was about nine years old. Before that time and up to that time, I had no friends. Literally, no one I knew I would have considered a friend. It wasn't for a lack of trying on my part, maybe it was because of a lack of social skills. I was the fat kid in class. I wasn't the only fat kid, but I was THE fat kid. I was like the Mississippi of fat kids. All the other fat kids were like Alabama and Arkansas fat. They were fat but at least they weren't Mississippi fat. I got beat up a lot in school at that time, got bullied a lot as well. I ate lunch by…

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  • Masculinity In Professional Wrestling

    Shally and Katz express struggles common to men such as good vs. evil, power vs. submissiveness, and work vs. ownership. Gender, like race and class, is a part of professional wrestling. Professional wrestling leaves little surprise that boys to act act masculine. As Katz says, “we get a very traditional and very conservative version of masculinity represented as an ideal of physical strength, the ability to control and scare other people, to intimidate, and especially to not back away from…

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  • Professional Wrestling Essay

    Between the Ropes: Exploring the World of Professional Wrestling Introduction It is not a secret that professional wrestling is like a theatrical play, but it does not diminish its spectacle, melodrama, and theatrical aspects. If people know professional wrestling is not really a sport, then: What is professional wrestling and why is it so interesting to its fans? How is gender, race, and class characterized in and formed by professional wrestling? In which methods does professional wrestling…

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  • Professional Wrestling Themes

    focused on the booking “Does it Draw?” and “What’s Good For the Business is Good For…” Matysik begins with the significant problem so many fantasy bookers will ignore in professional wrestling storylines: It is one thing to plan out a series of events and matches, It is quite another to get all the talent to go along with them perfectly. (Matysik, 123-124) Matysik hints on the ups and downs of the professional wrestling business and how Muchnick could use them to build…

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  • Professional Wrestling Popular Culture

    facets of popular culture become somewhat like wrestling: a stage-managed reality in which scripted storylines bleed spontaneously into actual events, with the fuzzy line between fact and fiction seeming to intensify, not diminish, the viewer’s obsession with the melodrama. The modern media landscape is scattered with reality shows that viewers know that are not real; that basically, is professional wrestling. In the same vein as soap operas, melodrama can be established in abundance within…

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  • Free Argumentative Essays-The Attraction Of Professional Wrestling

    The attraction of professional wrestling. Professional wrestling is half theater, half stee chair shots to the head. Professional wrestling may never be commonly understood. Each adult admirer of professional wrestling has encountered those people who turn their heads and ask, “You do know it’s fake, right?” “I don’t care. I love the pageantry, the athleticism, even the incredibly cheesy acting. I look at wrestling as theater at it 's most base, and guess what? So do most of the fans. We know…

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  • George Wagner Essay

    In the mid 1940’s to the late ’50s, when television was in its infancy, there was a man that proved network television could be a success due to the outlandishness of a character. George Wagner was a professional wrestler back then, which later became known as a golden era, during a time when kayfabe was alive and well (For those who don’t know wrestling terms, kayfabe essentially means that nobody knew professional wrestling was pre-determined). But when Wagner adopted his in-ring persona of…

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  • The Importance Of Being A State Champion

    For any wrestler, it is a long and excruciating process, but well worth the pain to reach his goal: to be a State Champion. Before the wrestling season, a wrestler needs to be mentally, and physically prepared. This journey is anything, but easy and sometimes to have the most success, wrestlers must cut weight. The wrestler has to create goals through exercise, dieting, weight checks, while remaining mentally motivated. Sticking with these goals will determine how the individual season ends. …

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  • Personal Narrative: A Career In Wrestling

    Another Pound of Nothing For any wrestler, it´s a long and excruciating process, but well worth the pain to reach the pinnacle of his journey: to be a state champion. Before the wrestling season, a wrestler needs to be mentally and physically prepared. This journey is anything but easy, and sometimes to have the most success, wrestlers must cut weight. Cutting weight puts the wrestler at a lower weight, helping him control wrestling matches easier. The wrestler has to create physical goals…

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  • Esvelt Compare And Contrast

    Nine months out of the year I am with my coaches for wrestling. Spending so much time with them has led me to get to know them very well over the years. My two coaches for wrestling, Esvelt and Falcon, when looked at initially, appear immensely different. Their facial expressions to their body types differ significantly. Once they begin to talk and coach, the similarities in their attitudes at tournaments and their coaching styles become evident. The greatest difference between all seven…

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