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  • Masculinity In Professional Wrestling

    wrestling. Professional wrestling leaves little surprise that boys to act act masculine. As Katz says, “we get a very traditional and very conservative version of masculinity represented as an ideal of physical strength, the ability to control and scare other people, to intimidate, and especially to not back away from confrontation. In fact, real men of the WWE invite confrontation and conflict.” Famous professional wrestlers like The Undertaker, Edge, and Triple H vie for grandeur through ruthless aggression and all-out mayhem. The WWE promotion is a primetime example of masculinity and an integrated marketing combining with television, live events, film, the internet in 2007 made $500 million. Wrestling with Manhood shows how ‘entertainment’ is connected to sexual assault, homophobia, and relationship violence. As Jhally says, “You know it’s really difficult…

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  • Dwayne Johnson Biography

    Dwayne “ The Rock” Johnson Dwayne “ The Rock” Johnson is a famous action movie star and a professional wwe wrestler. After he performs on live tv shows and he acts on movies like Fast and Furious, Hercules, and Tooth Fairy. One way the Rock also known as Dwayne Johnson influences me, is that he shows others to keep your head up and there is always a point where someone wanted to give up but he always says don’t give up. I respect the “Rock” because he left the wwe in wrestlemania 29 after he…

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  • Stone Cold Research Paper

    won a few titles. He then jump ship to WWE where he cemented his legacy as one of the greatest wrestler of all time. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin changed the landscape of the professional wrestling business with his way of entertaining fans, championship history, and the creation of a new era in wrestling. A quality that Steve Austin is noted for is his style of entertaining the people. Even after retirement from WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment), Austin to this day entertains his fans by…

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  • Importance Of The Triple Entente

    The Triple Alliance consists of Italy, Germany, and Austria Hungary, in the late 1800s the Triple Alliance had several conflicts with the Triple Entente, the Triple Entente consisted of the Russian Empire, the French Third Republic, and the United Kingdom of Great Britain. While having these conflicts there were many creative military tactics used by both sides such as Germany planning a quick victory which would be doable with the Schlieffen Plan (The New American p34). Germany was a very…

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  • Prenatal Diagnosis

    Prenatal testing when being marketed tells the expectant mother that it gives accurate information about her health and also that of her baby. However, what is often initially omitted is the accuracy and meaning of a ‘positive’ result for the possibility of a disorder being developed. The result serves the purpose of providing the potential mother (parents) with necessary information not solely about the likely disorders but offers a new dimension for deciding if she wants to bring her child to…

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  • The Devil In The White City By Erik Larson

    The Devil in the White City by: Erik Larson Crown Publishing Group, 2003, and 447 The book "The Devil in the White City" is about the serial killer H.H. Holmes and the architect of the World's Fair Daniel H. Burnham. Who was Daniel H. Burnham? Burnham was a man who rose to prominence. In 1893 Chicago won the bid for the World's Exposition. The architects chosen were Burnham and his partner John Root, Burnham and John needed to build something to give their city a better reputation. Burnham…

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  • The Devil In The White City Summary

    Webster Mudgett) uses his skills of manipulation, charm, and deceit to commit several crimes, including theft, insurance fraud, and murder during the 1893 Chicago World 's Fair. Herman Webster Mudgett was a notorious criminal, responsible for hundreds of deaths, however he was not completely at fault. Many serial killers, themselves, are victims of traumatic events or a psychological disorder. For them, killing is vital for their survival and something they can’t control. In the Devil in the…

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  • Analysis Of The Devil In The White City By Erik Larson

    Erik Larson, the author of The Devil in the White City, was born on January 3, 1954 in Brooklyn, New York. He studied Russian history at the University of Pennsylvania, where he graduated at the top of his class. One year later, Larson enrolled at another Ivy League School, the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, where he graduated in 1978. After starting his career as a journalist for The Bucks County Courier Times in Pennsylvania, he worked for The Wall Street Journal, Time…

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  • Devil In The White City

    Sometimes, he would fill the hotel rooms with gas and his guests would silently die in their sleep, or he would use chloroform soaked rags and suffocated them to death. After he murdered his guests, he would then burn their bodies at the bottom of the hotel’s basement. From these crimes, Holmes is said to be one of America’s first known serial killers (Larson, 2003). Furthermore, building the fair was a long and brutal process since it had to be completed in a short about of time. Daniel H.…

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  • Ted Bundy And Serial Killers

    H. Homes. H.H. Holmes was America 's first serial killers during the 1893 Columbian Exposition and Holmes would lure his victims into his elaborate "murder castle." Holmes took over a Chicago pharmacy and built it into an elaborate maze of death traps, these death traps had gas jets to asphyxiate his victims, trapdoors and chutes where he could move the bodies down to the basement which allowed him to burn his victims (Biography). Holmes was eventually captured and hanged in 1896. Holmes was…

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