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  • Literary Analysis Of Mid-Term Break, By Seamus Heaney

    the iambic pentameter does not continue. The first line follows a trochaic pentameter with each foot consisting of trochees. The second line is also a trochaic pentameter; however the last foot is an iamb to punctuate the word stride. The third line is an iambic pentameter broken into five feet with the third and fifth feet diverging from the sequence. The third foot changes into a trochee while the last two words of the fifth foot is a spondee to articulate the hard blow that the child received. The second stanza chances pattern because death is introduced to the readers and the last two words of the sentence which are “hard blow”, shows that the death is something that has happened suddenly to the family. In the third stanza, the majority of the feet are iambs, therefore this stanza is considered to be iambic pentameter. The third line of this stanza follow the strict rhythm of an iamb, while the first and second are different. In the first line, second foot, it is an iamb with a spondee on the word “cooed”; otherwise, the line is an iambic pentameter. The second line, second foot, is a trochee because the word “came” is accented rather than the word “in”. The fourth stanza continues with the pattern of the iambic pentameter. The first line is broken into five feet and each foot is made of iambs. The second line of the poem is also iambic pentameter with each foot consisting of iambs. The third line follows the first and second line in rhythmical pattern. The last foot…

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  • To George Sand A Desire Analysis

    Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s “To George Sand: A Desire” serves to explicate Browning’s admiration for George Sand, a successful female writer, by underscoring that which makes Sand powerful. “To George Sand: A Recognition,” a companion piece to “A Desire,” concerns itself not only with Sand’s character traits but also with evidencing the actual challenges Sand faced to become the writer she was. Because of this, my primary inspiration and the poem I chose to imitate was “A Recognition.” “To…

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  • Abuse In My Papa's Waltz By Theodore Roethke

    He Loves Me In the poem "My Papa 's Waltz" written by Theodore Roethke, most readers believe that it is about abuse. Is it possible? Of course it is, it depends on who’s reading the poem and their interpretation of the poem. The use of language, diction, imagery, and symbols, along with the tone helps to influence how readers come to their own conclusion on what the poem is really about. I choose to look at the poem in a brighter light. With so much negativity in the world and with so many…

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  • Robert Frost A Swinger Of Birches

    A Swinger of Birches Hardened by the daily toils and responsibilities, the soft innocence of youth is easily forgotten with age. Walking through the woods in solitude, a man lets his busy mind wander for a moment. With the sight of trees swaying in the wind, his mind understands that the heavy ice and snow is what bends the thin trees. But his heart wonders if it was a boy’s doing – climbing to the top of the trees just to bend them enough so he can let go and fall safely to the ground – that…

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  • At Castle Boterel Poem Analysis

    devices that Hardy employs, the metaphor found in line one (“the junction of lane and highway”) refers to an impasse or turning point in his life where he must leave one “road” and travel on another. Consonance is found in in line two with the words “drizzle bedrenches.” While looking for any sense of rhythm or pattern within the meter, it seems that there is none to be found. The beginning line is in dactylic tetrameter, followed sequentially by a line of trochee/trochee/dactyl/iamb/iamb…

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  • The Strange People Summary

    that of a gray witch. A gray witch is one that does not harm nor benefit anyone. She comes ‘toward him’ in an act of defiance, and finally stands up for herself. The ‘bullets’ are a symbol for the mental abuse that once inflicted her, but now they ‘enter and dissolve’ as she moves through them. A ‘doe’ would easily have been taken out by bullets, but as the speaker transitions from a weak, unassuming doe, to a stronger, more powerful gray witch, these ‘bullets’ no longer have any effect. She is…

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  • Research Paper On Rupert Brooke

    two groups: the octave (first 8 lines) who introduces the problem and the sestet (last 6 lines) where the problem gets solved. We also have a “Volta” of the “turn” in de begin of the sextet shift gears. In the octave the poem discuss how it would be if he dies and what was the role of England in his development, he mainly talks about life on earth. In the sestet the speaker changes the direction of the poem away from the earth to the afterlife in the heaven. The poem is written in a metrical…

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  • An Analysis Of Echo, By Christina Rossetti

    longing for her dreams to bring her closer to her lover. The meter of “Echo” follows the structure set up in the specific stanza form, while still allowing for variance, emphasizing parts of the experience of longing. While the first three, and final sixth, lines of each stanza follow iambic pentameter, the fourth line in each stanza is iambic trimeter, and the fifth line in each stanza is iambic dimeter. However, the very first line of the poem contains a metrical variance in the iambic…

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  • The Theme Of Enchanence In William Wordsworth's The Prelude

    and the stars [a symbol of his once happiness, beauty, like the swan]’” (ln. 26) and became frightened by its power. After his encounter the passage immediately changes to a tone “grave/ And serious [in] mood” (lns. 33-34) illustrating Wordsworth’s deeper change in consciousness. One first witnesses this turn or change in mood when the passage reads “The hor/izon’s/ bound, a /huge peak/, black and/ huge” (ln. 22). In this line Wordsworth places the poetic emphasis on “huge” (ln. 22) by using…

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  • Vonnegutny's Slaughterhouse-Five Essay

    Iamb, a meter where a short syllable is followed by a stressed syllable, represents the normalcy of Pilgrim’s life before he was enlisted in the war. Trochee, a meter where the short syllable follows the stressed syllable, stands in place of the trauma that Pilgrim sustains from the war and the very initial impact it has on his mind. Lastly, anapest, a rhythmic meter where two short syllables are followed by one long, stressed syllable, is indicative of the full impact that the war has on…

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