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  • Essay On The Past In The Glass Menagerie

    Quoted from the play, The Glass Menagerie, the narrator states, “the future becomes the present, the present the past, and the past turns into everlasting regret if you do not plan for it (Williams).” When you read the play one can get the instinct that each character enjoys to live in the past and not the present because in the past each of them hold memories that are too good to let go. Although, I think the quote above creates the proof a reader of the play needs to realize each of these characters could have enjoyed the present if they realized that everything turns into the past eventually. The past symbolizes a huge role in this novel because in the past each of the characters hopes and dreams were still able to happen. However, now…

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  • Past And Present In Lincoln's The Gettysburg Address

    Lincoln. There are various things about the speech that make it so memorable, however, one of the most important parts of the speech is the unity of past and present. Lincoln makes it a point to talk about the past specifically in the first line he states that 87 years ago a new nation was founded and that now is the time to see whether or not this nation can truly endure. This is a powerful beginning and helps to set the tone of his address. It is important to understand the background of the…

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  • Taylor And Foucault's Connection Between The Past And Present

    While Foucault identifies history with the past and the documents containing such information, Taylor (n.d) identifies history as a field correlated to the trauma that forms part of human existence. According to Taylor (n.d) history is part of human existence and it should be referenced according to the events that took part in the past years. This means that it should never be separated in terms of durations of discontinuities, but it should rather form part of the existence. Unlike Foucault…

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  • Past And Future In Virginia Woolf's Mrs. Dalloway

    Today is tomorrow’s yesterday. Each day is interwoven with past, present, and future. The past is filled with memories and lessons learned, while the future holds our dreams. The present cannot be successfully lived without a healthy balance of the past and the future. Many times, though, we get caught up in either in the choices of yesterday or in the worries of tomorrows. In her novel, Mrs. Dalloway, Virginia Woolf shows that living life without a good balance of past and future in the present…

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  • My Understanding Of History: The Past, Present, And Future

    Great Depression. Thus, my understanding of history helped me to better understand and appreciate my grandparents. Why they liked certain musicians, movies, literature, political parties, and so on became more evident as I learned about their past. I was also obsessed with my family’s lineage. My mother would tell me about her grandparents, and how they came to America. From Ireland my ancestors were taken hostage and brought to America as indentured servants. While from Italy my ancestors came…

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  • Painful Memories In Toni Morrison's Beloved

    hope that they will not resurface. Exposing the open wounds of memory and extracting moments from the past bring with it the former pain and anguish. In the most dire cases, even the promise of death is more alluring. In William Carlos Williams’ “The Widow’s Lament in Springtime”, a despondent woman yearns to escape the clutches of her past memories. In her final confession, we learn that she wishes to succumb to her depression by “fall[ing] into those flowers and sink[ing] into the marsh near…

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  • Does Presentism Still Exist

    In this paper I shall argue that time is a part of a mind-independent reality. I intend to argue in a similar vein to presentism with a few alterations that eliminate the failure of presentism in explaining things that existed in the past (REFERENCE). In essence, I will argue that, similarly to presentism, only the present exists, and it necessarily exists in the A-series, however I will also argue that the past and future exist in a mind-dependent reality where they exist in the B-series of…

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  • Comparing Time In Faulkner's The Sound And The Fury

    an alternate view on the passage of time, offering different insights into the way humans interact with it. For Benjy, time is meaningless. Every moment to him feels as though it had just occurred and he cannot differentiate between the past and the present. Simply hearing the name of his sister brings him back in time and he literally relives the moment, unaware that this is only a memory. Time is in constant flux, and attempting to understand his experiences can be disorienting as his brain…

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  • Pierre Laplace's Universal Determinism

    thesis that every event is fully determined by an event or several events that proceeded it. It was Pierre Laplace who pointed out that the present state of the universe is the effect of its preceded state (Litch 121). It is the past that creates the present and it is the present that determines the future. Everything is what is now because it was determined by something in the past. According to Mary Litch, “Events in the past are determined and fixed: we may regret that something happened, be…

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  • Similarities Between Sartre And Nietzche

    The possibilities to help others in the future and there for make a change in the future of another. That contributes making a purpose for another to discover. The reliability of incorporating the past into the present is to avoid a mistake that could affect an accomplishment or advancement that could change the future of humanity. They both play a part in making the future and present others as comfortable as possible. There is only so much each philosophical concept can play into finding the…

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