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  • Virtues Of The Ordained Life By Willimon Analysis

    professional and private life of a pastor. His goal is to inform those who are going to join or are already part of ordained life. This read is challenging in that it causes the reader to question their own behaviors and their definition of Ministry. He talks about pitfalls to be aware of, and good habits to build…

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  • The Importance Of The Pastoral Ministry

    She was in charge of the food and clothing ministry which seemed to be almost a full-time task for her. Literally thousands of people in the church and the local community were ministered to by my mother, and I was a firsthand witness to many of those. I remember carrying sacks of groceries and clothes to homes all over the city and watching my mom pray and lead these needy people to the Lord. It was in my mother that I saw the hard and often unrecognized work of ministry, but again, it was…

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  • Essay On Pastoral Interview

    For my pastoral interview, I choose to interview the Senior Pastor of Huntington Central Church (Disciples of Christ) Rev. Jacque Parlato. I started the interview by asking Pastor Jacque to describe her call to ministry. More precisely I asked her to describe her calling from the time she first received it up until now. During this question Pastor Jacque began by telling me about her background and early life. She informed me that she was born and raised in Santiago California, to parents that…

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  • John Patton Care Of Marriage And Family Summary

    Dr. John Patton in this chapter talked about Care of Marriage and Family, a pastor needs to have knowledge of a system of relationship as well as hearing and remembering an individual's story. This means that a pastor’s presence and guidance is (very important), it involves a different kind of listening and hearing (Patton 89). John Patton talks about the family and care of our generation. This means the caring for oneself as an individual person and caring for the significant relationship in…

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  • Sacred Rhetoric Summary

    Pastors must be servant-leaders and not lord it over their flock. Gregory presents important points with much wisdom that pastors would do well to follow as an example. There are some (many) who should not be in pastoral ministry because they lead their flock astray. This is due to the fact that there are pastors who do not have sound doctrine which leads to wolves invading the flock. One must be called into pastoral ministry by God in order to do this important work. Gregory provides helpful…

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  • Sports Coach Assessment

    This post will identify a set of criteria which to use to evaluate the effectiveness of a sports coach, a teacher, and a senior pastor referred to henceforth as leaders. Each of the items will be listed in order of highest priority to least. Next, the item will be justified along with how each item difference from each leader. Lastly, how each of these criteria can be measure will be looked at. This post is written from my personal perception of the job of these individuals and the roles that…

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  • Obesity Case Study: It Is Care

    She was seeking for helping relationships, to name only a few. I believe that most of pastoral care and pastoral counseling occurs not in the office suites of specialists, but it happens in the churches where people were together worship, study, socialize, and work together. Second, the parishioner believes that religious leaders were very accessible just like pastor. Although, we can see some of them were refusal to counseling on some areas. Obesity is a serious, chronic medical…

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  • Analysis Of A Preacher Without A Pulpit

    Preacher Without a Pulpit Preachers are respected figures of the religious community. I had a chance to follow Pastor William Reed for a week and got to learn more about the man that I see on Sunday mornings. It’s hard to picture the man behind the preacher, but after a few days I realized that my preacher is a man of God but more man than expected. As time went by and the questions were asked I got an incite of his life with and without a pulpit. Many times, people get it in their mind that a…

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  • The Roles Of Pastoral Presence

    How we listen to what the person is telling about their present situation, the condition of his illness, his family, loss of job or significant person in his life. The pastor listens to understand as much as he can about the immediate challenges to the person’s life, (Patton 29). In doing this it helps the pastor to put a picture together of what the situation really means and how it will affect the rest of his life. As the pastor listens, it helps him to decide when will be the best time to…

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  • Pastoral Intern

    Rough FIP Draft 3- 2 My case study situation is about an incident that took place at my Field Site, the Evanston Vineyard Church, which is a non-denominational church. The incident took place almost last year at my Field Site when my close friend and class mate from the seminary asked me to give a ride to a male church attendee from church to his home. For the sake of respect, I will use the titles, BC for my friend, FL for the church attendee and PI for myself, signifying my role as a Pastoral…

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