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  • What Role Does God Play In Ministry

    As we have been learning in class, there is one big question we have to answer. That question is, “whose ministry is it?” It is surely not ours. We are not perfect and cannot do anything without God. So, there are more questions we need to answer. Four big ones are: who is God, how is God identified and named in ministry, who is the agent of ministry, what is the pastor’s role in ministry. The first one is “who is God?”. God is many things. The Apostles’ Creed says, God is “the Father almighty,…

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  • My Personal Strengths Inventory In Ministry

    and my service to others. I can use my ability of connectedness to help people discover their identity in Christ, and break through the silos of people-groups or church departments. In ministry the ability to adapt is essential. I was a student pastor for almost three years. Like most ministry areas, you must be able to multi-task and manage different initiatives at the same time. Being effective sometimes means that you have to switch to-and-from a number of different projects, and ultimately…

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  • Personal Narrative: Blessing Of Death

    The Pastor cleared his throat. "Your father has gone to be with the Lord." Fifteen years ago, my dad received a kidney and pancreas transplant. It was a successful surgery. He was a juvenile diabetic, and for the first time since he was nine-years-old, he didn 't have to inject himself with insulin. It was a successful surgery. Two weeks later, on New Year 's day, my older sister and I were sitting in the family room waiting to go to our next door neighbor 's house. My dad had been throwing up…

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  • Pastoral Preaching Experience Essay

    things that are expected from a pastor. I believed the preaching was for the edification of the saints. The preaching is a herald of God’s word. The preacher spent a majority of his time in exegesis and studying to present a contemporary sermon from which the Lord would speak through him by the Spirit that Christ might be glorified. I believed that the two would not have time to deal with the other areas; therefore one must make a decision as to be either a pastor or a preacher. I have come to…

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  • Youth Practicum Narrative Report

    and serve in Youth on Wednesdays. I didn’t pray about this, I just jumped right in and assumed it was right because it was out of my comfort zone and as christians, we are supposed to "step out onto the unknown waters.” I even talked to a children’s pastor and I was going to help out at the new James River North campus that was opening literally that Sunday. I felt a good feeling about the North Campus. I thought this place couldn’t get any better but then at the first Wednesday night service, I…

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  • Intrapersonal Reflection Paper

    4.Intrapersonal Reflection: The Self with Others: The grey haired person who encountered me sounded suspicious and appeared wanting to know more about me than I would have wanted him to know. He also reflected an abrupt style of conversation and not wanted to share about himself. It appeared as if he was hiding something from me. On another note, the responses from the two security guards made me ponder why this grey haired person gave money to them, or other people? Was he trying to bribe them…

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  • Character Analysis: Saving Grace

    Men: Can You Trust Them? In the novel Saving Grace, the author Lee Smith traces the spiritual journey of a young girl named Florida Grace Shepherd, or simply Grace. She is the eleventh child born to her father, Reverend Virgil Shepherd and his third wife, Fannie Flowers. Grace’s mother called her the ‘worrywart child’ (Smith 3). She loved her parents, but she did not like Jesus because He made them travel all the time, “And I actually hated Him when He made us take up traveling in His name,…

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  • Preacher In Dorothy West's The Wedding Parents

    In Dorothy West’s The Wedding parents are the deciding factor. They determine the future of their half of the tree. Their ideals are instilled and then passed on from child to child. The evolution of the Coles family begins with Preacher. His life’s work is the improvement of the Coles’ brand. He becomes a preacher, influencing a white community he might not have been able to converse with otherwise. Preacher becomes aware that he cannot rise to the top in one lifetime, but rather, over many.…

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  • Example Of Interviewing A Pastor

    I decided to interview my mother’s Pastor. I chose to interview my mother’s pastor because even though I have attended services, I didn’t feel that the Pastor (s) are from my original tradition from when I grew up in Florida. Even though they practice the same religion I felt they were Catholic than Christian’s. To fulfill this project, I contacted my mother to see if she would feel comfortable me contacting her Pastor. After my mother agreed, I phoned her Pastor and asked for her permission to…

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  • The Suffering Pastor Analysis

    The Suffering Pastor Pastor Dimmesdale plays a very key role in the story. He is admired by the whole town and he is known to everyone as a man crafted by god’s hand. What is unknown to them until the end of the story is that he bears a secret shame. He is the father to Pearl that has been kept a secret throughout the novel and the guilt that he feels for the sin is slowly killing him with the help of the Physician, Roger Chillingworth, and his ever prying eyes. Some may say that he is a…

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