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  • The Importance Of The American Church

    that this piece was a strong and meaningful. In relationship to the American churches today. I feel that the churches today are more well known and more public. In addition some church pastors worry about making names for themselves or other self seeking motives. People want to receive a touch from a pastor instead of the Lord. Furthermore Other churches specialize in the gift of Healing and miracles. First churches today are deceived because of technology that is out there with technology…

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  • Religious Traditions

    not required to bring our Bibles every time we go to Mass service, it is optional if we choose to bring one. As soon as the Pastor started explaining the reading he had prepared for that particular Sunday, I noticed that people were underlining or taking notes, and after an hour or so of service, there was pause, someone in the back lowered the lights on the altar, the Pastor stepped aside, a soft music started playing and a dance group walked in front of us, ready to perform. The choir…

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  • A Physician Tells Why Abortion Is Murder Analysis

    The article I decided to argue against is named A Physician Tells Why Abortion Is Murder. Pastor E. L. Bynum wrote this article. Although Physician Pastor Bynum brings up several good points regarding his argument of abortion is murder his argument is flawed. Pastor Bynum states, “These little ones are little human beings.” In fact, they are not human beings yet. They become human beings when they are conceived. Before then the scientific names such as fetus, embryo, or zygote are in fact…

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  • Interview Report On The Church Of The New Life Church

    Report I decided to interview Pastor John, who is the senior pastor of the New Life church in Tooca, Georgia. I wanted to get a new perspective of curriculum in the way of making disciples. I knew that he was on the cutting edge of the missional community group movement in the church. I believe that I can use this information in my future ministry. I actually believe that the Church in the United States needs to have more fellowship, and I think that New Life, with Pastor John, are making that…

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  • My Experience To A Trip To The Church

    Apostolic/Pentecostal Non-Denominational Church. On Sunday May 15, I visited Christ Centered Church. I was invited to attend this church by my friend Art, who is a Deacon there. Christ Centered Church is a newly planted church that is lead by a Pastor who has retired from the marines after twenty-years. The service I attended was not their normal order of service and they held a surprise Pastor’s Appreciation…

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  • Pastoral Roles

    from everyone is that he is an awesome guy. First we can look and see what the people had to say about the pastoral roles that are crucial within a church. To do this we can take a look at the different words the congregants used to describe their pastor. From looking at these we can decipher what people felt the pastoral role should be. Now a lot of people used words such as compassionate, caring, kind, honest, genuine, real, personable, and many more that seem…

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  • Michael Trosclair Case Summary

    A former church pastor and his wife were arrested by police on June 16 for bringing their baby daughter with them while they were drinking and smoking at a bar in Indianapolis. According to a probable cause affidavit obtained by, police went to the Wild Beaver Saloon in Indianapolis after someone reported that a woman was soliciting customers in exchange for beer and breastfeeding while drinking alcoholic beverages. Shari Tremba, 42, tested 0.193 after a Breath Alcohol Content test.…

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  • Christian Worship Research Paper

    center provides a calm, praiseful, an and loving atmosphere that is conductive to inviting the Holy Spirit to enter the worship service. • Congregational Atmosphere The congregation display an attitude of faith and prayer. They are supportive of the pastor and the leaders of the church. The members are charged with praise and enthusiasm. The congregational atmosphere displays excitement and expectancy for the Holy spirit to flow out their temple into the environment of the service. The…

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  • Church Interview Paper

    God’s global agenda, that sounds like one overwhelming task because of it’s immensity. Luckily I was blessed with the oppurtunity to interview two increidble pastors and ask them what they think about it. I was able to speak to Tirsha Thornbury, youth pastor of Conejo Valley Community Church, and Glen Barnes, head pastor at First Baptist Church of Lodi. They broke down what they think God’s global agenda is and how both of them as individuals and as head of a church body are able to contribute…

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  • The Importance Of Learning

    Each time that I work here there are something different happening. This time was really different because change pastor, spots, and then losing people to another campus. A few things that I learn through this experience are that have slow down, explain things, friends can come from anywhere, it takes time to be comfort in a new place, and it really crazy when adding another campus. I slowing down was something that I walk in knowing, but doing this was the thing I learn how to do. Because I…

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