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  • Empathy In Animals

    My popular press article is called Bonobo Monkeys Feel Empathy Too published on August 14, 2014 in the animals section of Nature Would news on the natureworldnews.com website. The original per-reviewed article that corresponds with this article is called Yawn Contagion in Humans and Bonobos: Emotional Affinity Matters More than Species which was published in PeerJ on August 12, 2014. The researchers, Palagi et al (2014) were looking at the evolutionary aspects of empathy. Affective empathy (feelings) is the ability to sense and share another’s emotions, but cognitive empathy (thinking) is the ability of thinking about what another is going through and thinking also (Palagi et al 2014). Affective empathy (emotional) is the starting point that…

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  • The Importance Of Empathy

    Journal 1 (A situation that I shared empathy with another person and how it worked out) Today, in another one of my classes, we received our marks of our midterms that we had written a couple of weeks ago. As the teacher was handing them back, I was really nervous and afraid of the mark I’d receive, because I did not feel confident with how the exam had gone. The teacher finally handed mine back and I was so relieved and happy; I had passes the exam. My friend sitting next to me then received…

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  • Empathy In Healthcare

    Relational outcomes Empathy. Seven studies out of 34, or 21%, specifically measured empathy in healthcare providers. Out of 7 studies measuring empathy, 5, or 71%, found mindfulness to be useful in improving healthcare providers’ empathy. Three different measures where used to assess empathy, making the comparison between these studies difficult. The Jefferson Scale of Physician Empathy (JSPE)48 was used in 4 studies. The JSPE is a self-assessment tool, which evaluates empathy specifically in…

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  • Empathy Case Study

    1. What is empathy?  Empathy is putting yourself on others situation and also understanding what other feel and their emotions. 2. Can you state what problem is in this scenario?  The problem on this scenario is about why Wilson Reyes haven’t been promoted in the job even if he is capable and he is tenured enough for promotion. 3. How many years has it been since Wilson joined CTQ&A Ltd.?  It’s been 5 years since Wilson joined CTQ&A Ltd. 4. Describe Wilson and his work attitude in…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Empathy

    Empathy is a harder thing to understand for some people than others. Empathy is commonly switched with sympathy, which they have different meanings. Paul Bloom, a psychologist and professor at Yale, is writing a book against empathy. Do you think empathy is a bad thing or a good thing? People will always have different opinions and viewpoints on this topic like most other things. I am here to tell you why I think why empathy is good but also bad to some extent. I am supposed to stand for or…

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  • Importance Of Empathy Essay

    Empathy Guides One’s Moral Action Assistant Professor Jami Zaki once wrote, “...empathy does mean more than one thing: It includes sharing, thinking about, and caring for others’ inner lives” (Zaki, “Emotion and Reason” 4). Empathy has a relative meaning that is different for every individual. The connotation associated with empathy affects how one views the actions caused by empathizing. Morality is a relative term as well, which means that the information one takes into consideration before…

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  • Mcdonagh's Theory Of Empathy

    I also find it interesting how the concept of empathy plays into acting. Alfreds mentions this notion as “emphatic imagination” (page 243), and writes that great actors can relate to almost any character despite given limited dialogue. I never thought about acting this way before, but I agree that empathy truly has to be associated with good performances. Every time we act on stage, we are relating to someone totally distinct from us, and therefore empathizing with somebody else. We always take…

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  • Empathy The Superpowers Analysis

    Empathy the Super Power Sam Ferrigno, in his article, “Everyday Heroes: 8 Real Super Powers Every Human Has (And Sometimes Takes for Granted)” gives list of the human superpowers. The superpowers include Materialization-Imagination, Healing Touch- Compassion, Cloning-Memory, super Strength- Endurance, Telepathy- Intuition, Invulnerability- Bravery, and Empathy – Empathy. He claims every human has special super power and character traits that are unnoticed. He defines and explains…

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  • Empathy In Prosocial Behaviour

    Empathy is understanding another individual’s distress or pain from their perspective. It is mainly about a person experiencing other-oriented feeling of sympathy by placing oneself into the other’s shoes. One of the traits that make our species different from the others, is the ability to empathise. This phase can be experienced by simply watching someone having a hard time. The degree to which empathy can affect one’s personal emotional state varies among individuals. Scientists and…

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  • Baty's Use Of Empathy Quotes

    Empathy is the ability to understand another person. It is the ability to place oneself in another person’s position and share their feelings and emotions. Besides our intellect and emotions, empathy is what makes humans, humans. Compared to other living beings, humans have the ability to love, care, cherish, hate, forgive, feel pain, become jealous, have perseverance, and be conscious of other beings and their emotions. Empathy is emphasized significantly throughout this book and it is…

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