Employee assistance programs

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  • Employee Assistance Program Analysis

    Employee Programs Employees who comply with regulations get the job done, but committed employees do a better job. Frankel (1992) describes coaching as a style of management that is participative and consultative. Coaching is a way of identifying goals and developing an understanding on how they are to be attained by both managers and employees. Performance management is important in organizations as it brings an aspect of accountability to employees, therefore, improving their skills in the long run (Heinrich, 2004). The Office of Disability Employment Policy, ODEP, (2009) defines employee assistance programs as programs set up in workplaces to assist workers identify and resolve concerns that affect their work performance at the personal…

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  • I Love You Forever Case Study

    According to Buchbinder & Shanks 2012, I Love You…Forever case study, an assault transpired at the clinic, it involved an employee, Nurse Practitioner (NP) Nancy Masters, and intimate partner Joe, who later began stalking her. The author wrote that violence and death are a derivative of stalking. The case study focused on addressing the issue of intimate partner violence (IPV) in workplace and the employers’ response to an occurrence. It was obvious that the hospital needed to review and…

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  • Wellness Program Proposal

    Julia Garford, Administrative Assistant SUBJECT: Proposal to Implement an Employee Wellness Program Hi Janet, The success of any company depends on the productivity and work performance of its employees. With rising healthcare costs, I believe that the promotion of healthier lifestyles through a Wellness Program is a good way to save on costs. This proposal outlines the benefits and obstacles of implementing the program. The Benefits Research shows that common and preventable illnesses…

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  • Discipline And Arbitration Case Study

    Employment Scenarios, Discipline, and Arbitration Employees often partake in actions and do not think of the future consequences. Job performance does not always make up for the action. After all, most of the times it’s the bad things that get remembered. Discipline is necessary to ensure employees do not conduct this abuse again. If the employer wrongfully uses discipline, the employee and union steward might need to go to arbitration to get the problem resolved. The Case of the Substance…

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  • Nola Joorisity Case Study

    Nola stated that job design has impacted performance by allowing employees to enjoy their work environments. Nola explained that performance, from what she has seen as decreased throughout the years. However, with this slight decrease in performance, output has had an increase. This is because employers must consider flexible advantages in order to improve employee retention. Nola also explained that employers are more appreciative that work creates stress upon their employees. This is why it…

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  • Brava Strong Case Study Summary

    matter how long a term the employee has had with the organization. This would likely create a hostile environment and is most probably the reason for the two reported incidences of desk rage and a disgruntled employee who interviewed with the media, by the OB psychologist. Solutions to this problem would be implementing employee assistance programs within the organization. EA services, enable employees to resolve problems that may be affecting them in the workplace, such as job stress,…

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  • Employee Assistance Reflection

    Reflection Paper Employee Assistance Programs are crucial for the well-being of an organization. In today’s world there are many factors that inhibit employee productivity. For instance, depression, grieve, divorce, substance abuse, financial instability and others. These issues can negatively impact the overall cost of running an organization. Offering Employee Assistance programs enables the employee to address life difficulties in order to experience wellness in the workplace, resulting in…

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  • Quinnipiac Reflection

    that may not be the same case for everyone here campus but I believe the experience of finding a community or niche here is something that every student needs to discover in order to call Quinnipiac home. My orientation leaders and peers have given me a new perspective of myself and I want to be able to give others the same benefit and more. As an individual who has always enjoyed being there for others, I want to help make a positive change in someone’s everyday life. I can think of no better…

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  • Timeless Themes In Ebenezer Scrooge's A Christmas Carol

    The family is shown smiling and having fun, enjoying the meager possessions. Because of these events, Ebenezer Scrooge realizes the need to change by discovering the wonderful heart-filling contentment that comes from home, which cannot be satisfied simply with money nor possessions. As a result, Scrooge awards Bob Cratchit a raise, and grants him Christmas day off allowing him to spend one more Christmas with his son. This theme was relevant in this time frame because during the Victorian…

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  • Legal Case Study: Company Profile Of Bayer

    1) The company I chose to profile is Bayer. Bayer is a global enterprise with companies in almost every country. The profile I have highlighted is the Canadian sector. This company provides multiple employee benefits; even including considering opening a new location for employees that move to a city where no current office is open. The extensive list of employee perks begins here: Medical benefits- As part of the health plan, the employer pays up to 95% of the premiums, the plans are…

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