Quinnipiac Reflection

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1. What about your experience at Quinnipiac thus far prompted you to apply to be an Orientation Leader and why?
What makes Quinnipiac different from the rest, is the community it sets forth for its faculty and students. Together we are one and can create a difference in each other’s lives. However, that sense of community could not be achieved through the simple action of blindly participating, but can be shaped through the guidance of our peers into who we are today. Going through my own orientation session upon selecting Quinnipiac helped me redefine myself to fulfill my personal goals without the judgement of others. I learned that I can be anyone I set myself out to be and it does not matter what other people think because I am unbranded.
However, it wasn’t until later into the fall semester when my want to become an Orientation Leader was enriched. Dealing with being uncomfortable in this new environment and worries about my family at home left me flustered and confused. I felt alone and alienated. I had every desire to go back home but one night upon my return from Thanksgiving break, before entering chapter for my sorority, I realized that I had more than I thought. There were people here for me and I
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Starting at a young age I was taught to access and learn about all the resources available to me as much as I can. My family members encouraged me to explore new ideas and values in order to make an effort to excel through my education and community. Eventually I become the person that if someone needed help I was able to assist them in any way I could whether it was here at Quinnipiac, home, or just hanging out friends. I believe that my resourcefulness and capability to help another find their path is the real strength in helping others adjust to a new environment and discover new ways to cultivate their personal

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