Personal Narrative: My Life In Clueless

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Accepted to CSUEB and I dived in clueless. Clueless as to what will be surrounding me for the next four years and clueless as to who I wanted to be. I accepted any challenges facing my way because I believed leaving home will be better than staying. As my father drove up the hill I looked out towards the bay and took in the view and prayed that I made the right decision. At first it was hectic looking for my classes and getting use to my new roommates. I felt a sense of joy yet I still felt a bit lost. The majority of the people I met knew exactly what major and career they wanted. And I had absolutely no clue as to what I wanted to pursue. All I knew was that I had to get better grades than the rows of c’s I got in my high school report cards. I left south California because at the time I knew I would end up insane if I stayed another year in my house. I had an unstable relationship with my father and at the moment and it wasn’t getting any better soon. And on the other had I longed for an adventure something new rather than my …show more content…
Since I am fluent in both English and Spanish and I had passed the AP Spanish test hence I began to look into communications as a major. The workshop wasn’t what I expected because unfortunately the main speaker did not attend however the International studies workshop was outstanding. I knew before that I wanted to try the study abroad program but once I attended the International studies workshop I felt a sense of excitement. It would be a dream to know there is a possibility to work in a field in which it allows you to travel. I was blown away by the presentation I started to believe that this was what I want to do. I talked to Michael Lee the director and main speaker of the program just to ask him some questions. On that day I went back to my dorm and I was just extremely content with myself for

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