Attending College After High School Essay

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For some students, choosing to attend college after high school is an easy decision. Some

are expected by their families to continue into higher education post high school graduation. I

know a few people that are so motivated to attend college that they already know for sure what

they are going to major in before they were even freshmen in high school. For me, I was not

falling into that category. College was something I did not consider throughout my time in high

school. The thought of attending college was so vague in my mind that I felt like I will never be

a college student. All of these were changed my senior year when I met Ms. Jasmine Rainey, a

college advisor at my old high school. Ms. Jasmine changed my life, and she had a direct
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my mind at the time, finishing high school and obtain a diploma were a priority. I felt

unmotivated coming into my senior year in high school and I was becoming more and more

careless about my education. As long as I pass my remaining credits, which were not a lot, I will

Than 2

graduate. I started to skip classes on a daily basis to hang out with friends. Life felt so carefree at

the time, and I was not sure what to do after high school. One day, I was required to attend a

school wide college workshop, about a month into the school year. I and my fellow seniors were

assigned a college advisor, Ms. Jasmine Rainey, a worker from Denver Scholarship Foundation.

It was the day when everything changed.

The next day, I was looking for Ms. Jasmine’s office, and when I found it, there was a

huge sign at her door which said: “Future Center”. I was not thinking much about the meaning of

the sign at the time, but looking back at it now, I figure that future center means it is a place for

future opportunities, a place to kick start future potentials and to give students a glimpse of the

world after high school, a world filled with endless prospects of a better life. I explained

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