My Journey To America Essay

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The challenges that I faced as I transition from Haiti to America. My first three years in America I have endured some of the painful, Cheerful, loving, and tear shedding times. My world turn upside down after I came to America. My names is Angela Milfort and I’m going to give a glimpse about my Experience in transitioning from one country to another.

My journey to America is one experience I will never forget in my life. Living in Haiti was the home I really knew the best, where my mother lived in a three-bedroom house next to her mother, where she grow crops and raise animals, which was fun caused I learned so many things from my grandmother. I lived in Haiti for 10 years until one unexpecting day when I was being told that I was going
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One of things about starting a new life in America was that I had to leave my two sisters behind with my make things worst about leaving home and going to another Country was that I never flew on a plane before. But I was willing to face this new life experience without my mother by my sided. Me and my little brother plus my dad, junior milfort took the journey to America. Getting off the plane was very exciting seeing how different it was and all the lights. In this new country without my mother to guide left me with unspeakable feeling that I couldn’t explain the feelings with my words but shown with facial …show more content…
The first time I came to America with my brother and dad, we meet our new family and they was so sweet to me and my brother. After the first three weeks my auntie enrolled me in school at Winston elementary not knowing English. I was terrified not knowing where to go or what to say left me clueless. They put me in 4th grade but, then was told I was too intelligent to be in 4th so they put me in 5th. Trying to learn and write English when I barely knew it only frustrated even more. I started to hate going to school because other kids would make fun of me and laugh at me, I have to be the bigger person and move on. As time passed, I learned how to read, write, and speak English fluently but continued to improve on being better than before. Some other things that was different from Haiti was the homemade cooked food, I never thought that I would have to change from a home cooked meal to eating at fast food and

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