Cultural Experience

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Coming to America and adjusting to a new culture was not easy for me or for many people who move completely to a strange country, especially when there is a language barrier. The reason why it was difficult the cultural thing in America, learning the new language, learn how you can travel from place to place not knowing people around you was very difficult to handle. Especially where I grow up everyone knows each other we all one community. To come from that culture back ground and to see how in America is very hard for us. Eventually we kind of understand and get used to it. When I left my friends and my extended family back in Eritrea in 1997 and moved to the United States. The first year was the hardest time for me, I missed everything that …show more content…
Just keep working.” They said, “…In this country it’s all about money, think about it. The reason people go to school is to make money, you are already making the money.” I thought about what that person said. I brushed them off. So I continued to talk about something else but the of course the words the person said continued to play in my mind. I heard similar things from someone else also and it did not help me to motive myself to continue with school.
In the fall of 2001, weeks before school started. I was talking to a co-worker who encouraged me to go to school and asked me not to listen to the friends who were discouraging me. She gave me hope than what I was hearing before. Two days before I was getting ready to go to college I talked to close friend. In the conversation the idea of going college came up, she told me not to worry to go to college the year after. That was it. I could not pull myself to go back. That was a very painful regret. I can’t believe I listened to people who did not even finish high school. Every day, I kept thinking I wish I did but I didn’t have anyone to push me and encoring me to go to school. When you don’t have a support you just give
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“You are starting this fall!” That shocked me a little bit. I told him, I would do it. But he insisted I call them the same day and sign up. He said I needed to take a day off go sign up for classes. That was it. He gave me hope and he supported me and pushed me to educate myself and learn more. I am who I am today because of him. I appreciate him.
I regret for not going to school early as my plan was. I wish I did what I wanted to do, instead, I listened to others. My lesson is, do everything you can that makes you happy. Don’t let other tell you something different, especially when you know it is right in your heart. Do it for you. I am glad I am back in school. I have learnt so many things just for going to school. Yes, sometimes it’s not easy, but who said everything will be easy. You just have to work hard and succeed in life. Who knows one day you might be the one who change the world for the

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