Personal Narrative Essay About Moving To America

Moving to America was the biggest turning point in my lifetime. Everything was new and I had to adjust through it. There was a change in the educational system, language, friends, culture and environment basically America was a whole new world for me. I was fifteen when I got to know that my parent has applied for US immigration and within a time span of one year we had to move to America. Moving here was a big achievement for me as a student. I was able to see a bright future ahead of myself, but also knowing that I had to struggle a little in the beginning years.
At that time I was really worried about the change. I have heard of America as the land of opportunity, but things could be different for me. Whenever I would think about America
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Our uncle receives us from the airport and finally our 24 hours of travel ended. Since Pakistan and American have fourteen hours of time difference it took me almost a week to adjust my sleep. Soon after the fall break, I was able to join Zionsville High School as a junior. Zionsville High School wasn’t a big school as compared to other Indiana’s school, but it was huge for me because in Pakistan I studied in private school which are much smaller. On Friday they gave me a map and told me to come from Monday. This was a big day for me because it was my first interaction with American. I was nervous thinking about how would they behave to me. Two words that just inspired me ‘sorry’ and ‘thanks’, I don’t know about other states, but people in Indiana use these words a lot which is really aspiring to me. My first day started for my counselor 's office. My counselor was really nice even I told her that I wouldn’t be able to find my classes she called a student to help me out to find my classes. So whenever I get out of my class that the student was there to guide me to my classes. He did that for three days straight, he would leave his class five minutes early and be five minutes late in his class. Obviously, he didn’t get tardy because my counselor gave him the pass, but still he could have refused, he chooses to help me

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