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  • Compare And Contrast Emporia

    Imagine going from a small town to a larger town, being given the opportunity to experience and see new things. Traveling is one the ways people can experience new things, some move to different towns others just visit. Emporia is a small town in Kansas with a population of roughly 25,000 people while Topeka with a population of roughly 127,000 people nearly quintupled the amount of people in Emporia. Towns are never alike yet one takes notice of similarities and differences such as the scenery, the way people act and how their education system works. When a person drives into a new town what they see leaves an impression that they will carry for the entire time that they are there. The first thing a person will see once they near Emporia is open space, houses and possibly even a school. Now the first thing a person will see once…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Experience In My Class

    school year I have designed a plan to allow myself to focus on school. By taking 14 credit hours I will eliminate my problem of dropping classes. By not working a job during the school year I am giving myself more time to keep up with my classes to eliminate myself from failing any more of my courses. Since I have reduced my schedule to a reasonable amount of hours I believe that I will be able to have a successful school year. I believe the plan listed shows a reasonable solution to fix the…

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  • My Move

    separated for too long, but once we were back together I was more determined than ever to keep her because I could not see my future without her inclusion. The next step in my life was applying to many different colleges inside my home state, and a single one outside. I remember the anxiety of choosing where I was going to be for the following four years of my life. I was nervous and really wanted to go to Emporia State University because Alexus was there, and it was such a good school. I was…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Interview With A Basketball Coach

    The person I decided to write my essay on was my basketball coach my senior year, Brian McIntosh. He only coached at my high school for one year, and prior to that he was an assistant coach at Emporia State University. Taking his expertise and leadership skills McIntosh helped take my team who had struggled the previous season and give them a last and successful season. He changed the atmosphere of the program and that year held the best record my school’s girl basketball team had seen in a long…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Vacation

    About four years ago my family and I decided to go on a trip to visit some family, friends, and just to go on a vacation. We started in South Dakota of course, and all of my family came up to our house from Iowa to car pool before we left. As soon as everyone was at our house, we all got in the car and left. It was a short trip to our next stop, compared to how long it took to get to all of the other stops. Our first stop was outside of Emporia, Kansas, to see my Grandma and spend some time with…

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  • Importance Of Education In English Essay

    students for self-expression and emotional relief. Most teachers earn a bachelor 's degree to enable them to meet licensing requirements to teach in public schools. You can elect to focus on creative writing, minor in journalism, and choose from several courses in fiction, poetry, and even screenwriting. One teaching field, or area of concentration, of no fewer than 35 semester hours and no more than 50 hours, and in addition, no more than 20 semester hours in a related field or fields may be…

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  • Child Population Data Analysis

    Definitely, The level of poverty Is greater in rural than urban counties alike to the Statewide, where the poverty rate is higher in rural than urban Virginia. Even though Virginia has the utmost rate of poverty in rural areas, poorer people tend to live in urban and suburban areas due to the amount of rural population migrating to cities. Furthermore, cities as Richmond display neighborhoods with a 1 to 2 percent of poverty, in contrast with neighborhoods that surpass the state average².…

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  • Dean Smith Biography Essay

    Dean Edwards Smith was born on February 28, 1931 in Emporia, Kansas. (Dave Nightingdale) His parents were Alfred Smith and Vesta Smith. Both of his parents were public-school teachers at Emporia High school and his father was the coach of the varsity basketball team. Dean Smith graduated and went to the University of Kansas and majored in mathematics, but still played sports such as varsity baseball, varsity basketball, and freshman baseball. Dean Smith was not just a respected…

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  • The Importance Of My Life

    brother from Bolivia. This important and drastic decision was not planned at all. I think this decision was the hardest thing we have made so far. We never thought about coming to live here but all of a sudden we did not know what to do because our lives were about to change forever. I remember in the middle of June two years ago; my brother was talking with my mom about his friend taking the SAT in order to apply to a university in the U.S. I thought it was just a theme of conversation, but it…

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  • Cross Cultural Interactions

    The building of growing commercial centers and emporia cities was also a major draw for travelers to different regions. At these hubs, ideas and inventions were also traded, which further facilitated long-distance trade. However, the impacts of cross-cultural interactions in the state building and economic spheres was even greater than the causes. After the devastation of the Black Death, the Ming dynasty promoted economic recovery in the East, and trade within Asia flourished with increased…

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