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  • Utilitarianism In Kansas City

    persons” (“The Definition of Utilitarianism”). However, how are all members within the Kansas City metropolitan area supposed to benefit from utilitarianism when minorities do not make-up a majority of the population? A modern day example of local utilitarianism is the shopping strip that is currently being built in Liberty, MO. Contractors are building unnecessary clothing and pet stores, despite there being similar businesses within the general vicinity. These types of buildings are commonly not built in Kansas City very often because contractors…

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  • Bleeding Kansas Analysis

    border war, or bleeding Kansas. In what many historians believed is a war over slavery and freedom. Parke Pierson stated, “it can be argued that the Civil War actually began in 1854 when blood stained the prairie grass of the Kansas Territory.”2 Questions that arise from bleeding Kansas is how and why it happened, how bloody it was, and in what ways it affected the United States of America. “Bleeding Kansas was a violent clash over slavery in a place that had few slaves,” said Nicole Etcheson…

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  • Reflection Of The Community In Kansas City's Community

    Since September of 2015, I’ve been interning with the Quaker-based, non-violent, social justice group, the American Friends Service Committee. During this time, I’ve learned so much about myself, as well as Kansas City’s youth. I’ve helped organize a city-wide high school poster art project and a poetry workshop of the same — giving students a platform to speak out on social issues. This consisted of conducting interactive lecture style classes in Kansas City metro schools such as Paseo,…

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  • Kansas-Nebraska

    that contributed to the North South division, four major events will be identified. The Kansas-Nebraska Act, Bleeding Kansas, the Dred Scott trial and the Panic of 1857 all played a major role in the North South division and unrest leading to the Presidential election of 1860. The Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854 “may have been the most important single event pushing the nation toward civil war” (McPherson 121). Author James McPherson stated that Kansas-Nebraska gave birth to the entirely northern…

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  • Kansas State University Housing Memo

    Intro- As graduating high school, I always had the desire to up my career to be a successful and financial man within the future. A week later, I started to think how am I going to live on my own. Where will I stay at for my existing 4 years or maybe years. So I did my research on the Kansas State University housing. As I am looking through my options, I was interested for the Kramer complex’s. My mom told me is it safe, healthy, and in good living conditions to live there? When I kept scrolling…

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  • The Great Kansas Kartansa Act Essay

    The Great Kansas Nebraska Act. The Topic I have reseached for this project is the Kansas Nebraska act of 1854. This is a huge turning point in America history because this act was the cauase of many issues and problem that led to the Civil War. The Kansas Nebraska is also significant since it led to the first time American was officially divided into slave states and non-slave states based on the people in the state. The Kansas Nebraska act was the beganing of the end of the slavery in the…

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  • Leawood Community Essay

    The community of Leawood, Kansas is located in the northeast region of Johnson County. Leawood, being the established and sophisticated community it is today was first owned by a retired police officer, Oscar G. Lee. In 1922, Lee purchased land that started the foundation of Leawood consisting of the streets of 79th, 103rd, Stateline and Blinder Road. Then in 1948, with the help of the Kroh brothers establishing the housing development, Leawood became an incorporated city. Today, Leawood is a…

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  • Sam Brownback Pros And Cons

    Sam Brownback has made a lasting impression on Kansas, however not necessarily for the right reasons. He thinks he is going at this the right way, and making the right decisions but he is actually ruining our state. We need to get somebody else in office who is going to think about all Kansans, not just the rich. Although, Sam Brownback had to have done something right to get elected as our governor in the first place, we do not want to re-elect him because he is leading the “March to Zero”…

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  • The Great Backlash Analysis

    However, despite this, Kansas is still able to present itself as an aristocrat of commonness within American politics. Even if a politician is from Mission Hills, they can still peg themselves as an authentic, rugged American. Kansas votes Republican consistently, which is an interesting juxtaposition to a century ago, when it was considered a radical area. After the Summer of Life in 1991, the dynamic became not between Democrats and Republicans, but traditional, moderate Republicans (“Mods”)…

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  • Literary Imagery In Truman Capote's In Cold Blood

    In Cold Blood, written in 1966, is arguably Truman Capote’s greatest piece of literary work. The novel regarded the 1959 murder of four family members who lived in the small community of Holcomb, Kansas. This remarkable novel was noted for the author’s exceptional use of several literary elements. In an excerpt describing the small town in the story, Capote demonstrated his elaborate use of stylistic elements, such as diction, imagery, and tone. Using those tools, Capote characterized Holcomb as…

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