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    (Encyclopedia Dramatica 2016) corresponding to the social roles that they play in the online community, it is also of note that these roles are not mutually exclusive as these are descriptions of behavior rather than prescriptive bounds for behavior the person is expected to uphold. Newfags are new users of 4chan, they are the adolescents of 4chan, they will inevitably do not understand the common language and may easily become confused by the ritual that is posting on the site, they may not fully understand the cultural rules of the site and lack social capital in any regard they are often known for their behavior of meme-spamming and various other rule breakings. Oldfags were once Newfags themselves and were likely and likely either moralfags or /i/fag…

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    Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia, is becoming more popular every day (Polk, Johnston, Evers, 2015, p.92). It can give a wealth of information easily to anyone who wishes to learn about a topic. However, concerns have risen about its use in research for schools. In the article “Wikipedia Use in Research: Perceptions in Secondary Schools” by Tracy Polk of Worcester Preparatory School, Melissa Johnston of the University of Alabama, and Stephanie Evers of the University of South Alabama,…

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    I have heard of the encyclopedia, but I have never actually seen it and I was unaware that the encyclopedia had an online website. After my observation at Bangor High School, I decided to look more closely to Britannica and I was pleasantly surprised how well the encyclopedia was set up. Britannica has some similarities to Wikipedia, but it seems to be better set up and more reliable. I have always used Wikipedia with my research papers and such, but I now believe that I will start using…

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    7 October 2011 Effects on Nurses Working Long Hours Patients in a hospital and/or healthcare facilities have to be cared for all day and all night, everyday of the week by nurses. The usual way to fulfill this need is to divide up the day into three 8-hour shifts. Different shifts have been put into place to help improve nurse satisfaction, decrease the nursing shortage and save the hospital money. The 24-hour day is made up of two 12-hour shifts; 12 hours in the day and 12 hours at night.…

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