Personal Narrative: My Interview With A Basketball Coach

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The person I decided to write my essay on was my basketball coach my senior year, Brian McIntosh. He only coached at my high school for one year, and prior to that he was an assistant coach at Emporia State University. Taking his expertise and leadership skills McIntosh helped take my team who had struggled the previous season and give them a last and successful season. He changed the atmosphere of the program and that year held the best record my school’s girl basketball team had seen in a long time. When I conducted my interview, McIntosh and I discussed over the phone Sunday evening on the 18 of September for around 20 minutes. I started out the interview asking him who he felt had the most impact into his leadership. When he response to …show more content…
I asked him to expand on what his values where and I had to laugh when he responded back to me things he said every day in practice when I played for him: hard work, dedication, love and faith. When I played for McIntosh it was his first year in a new setting having previously been on the coaching staff at Emporia. My personal question for him was what was the hardest change for him coming to a new coaching environment. Surprisingly he said not much he just missed being able to have more time the girls. At high school he didn’t have the opportunity to really grow a personal connection with his players. One of the questions I wanted to ask McIntosh was what is the biggest leadership challenge that you are currently facing, because last year we graduated 7 seniors that all made the varsity team. He told me something that had a big influence on me as it is something I’m struggling with currently. He said we as a society want to see immediate results, but as a program it takes time and dedication to see the results of all your hard work. The team might not do well this year but years from now his goal is to make a completive

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