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  • John Calvin's Understanding Of Eschatology Analysis

    “Kingdom of God”, “the day of the LORD”, “the end of the world”, “the last judgment” and “a new heaven and a new earth.” These words are the image of eschatology, and eschatology is an important subject in the Bible. Even Donald K. McKim says that the theme of the Bible is the kingdom of God (McKim, 167). In the Gospel, Jesus taught about the kingdom of God in his whole life and ministry, and the kingdom of God is represented as “already, but not yet” (McKim, 170). John Calvin, a 16th century representative theologian, agrees with the eschatological idea of “not yet” rather than “already.” On the other hand, Joan M. Martin, a womanist Christian liberation ethicist, more emphasizes on the “already” side. According to the understanding of eschatology,…

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  • What Is The Context Of Matthew Chapter 24

    It is important to understand the context of a passage. I heard it said that "Any passage taken out of context is a pretext for disaster". Without a proper understanding of not only the biblical context but also of the cultural context, we leave our self 's open to misunderstanding and error. The context for Matthew chapter 24 is obviously the entire book leading up to, including, and going through to the end of the Gospel itself. And as vital as it is to read and understand chapter 24 in that…

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  • Why Does Religion Exist

    Fear of the unknown is one of the most basic traits shared by all humans. One unknown, that induces fear into most people, is what will happen at the end of time. Of course, science can answer this question in terms of the universe as a whole – the universe will continually expand, become colder, and human life will no longer be able to survive in the resulting desolate universe. However, most people do not fear this end as they will not live to see it. Instead, they fear what will happen to…

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  • Figurative Language: Recognizing Figures Of Speech In The Bible

    FIGURES OF SPEECH IN THE BIBLE (Adapted from McCune) “Generally an expression is figurative when it is out of character with the subject discussed, or is contrary to fact, experience, or observation” (Roy Zuck, Basic Bible Interpretation, p. 145). Matt 19:25 Camel through the eye of a needle (it’s impossible – not explained by a gate in the wall) 1. Recognizing figures of speech • Look for the normal or plain sense first. • Note contradictions, impossibilities, or absurdities in the…

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  • Eschatology: End Times

    Eschatology is the study of what is commonly referred to as the “end times.” This era in history was foretold by the book of Revelation in the New Testament. This field of study can have both good and bad come from it. An example of a good thing from it would be to recognize signs of Christ’s second coming and to let those signs strengthen one’s faith. A bad result that could be pulled from studying Eschatology would be a person attempting to pick a date for when Jesus comes back to retrieve all…

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  • End Of Time Analysis Essay

    Messiaen’s Quartet for the End of Time is scored for piano, clarinet, violin, and cello. It was premiered in a WWII POW camp where Messiaen was held. Messiaen had begun sketches of the piece before being captured, and he finished the piece in the POW camp for musicians that were present. The quartet was premiered in the camp for the prisoners. The piece is in eight movements, and Messiaen wrote an introduction describing the movements. His signature birdsong is featured prominently, as well as…

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  • Irrational?-Personal Narrative

    Everything felt like it was going in slow motion once I walked into the doors of the hospital. Doctors were running from one end to the other without skipping a beat while families were crying over losses and tragedies. Everything felt so overwhelming, but I knew what I had came to do. My heart began to race as I approached the reception desk. "Can I help you?" the woman asked. I could hear the words she was saying but I couldn 't find anything to say back. She looked at me again and asked…

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  • Implications By Atul Gawande Summary

    Goodman’s colleagues. In one example, the reader learns about Mrs. D, a former patient of Goodman’s, who came in due to fluid swelling in her knee. He operated on her leg and removed the fluid, but he did not do so properly. A couple days after the surgery, Mrs. D came back in because the pain in her knee had still been there and the condition had gotten worse. This is where Goodman made his mistake, he denied her request for a follow up and said that she was just complaining about the pain.…

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  • Why Is It Time To End The Drug War Essay

    It Is Time To End The Drug War. By: Art Carden The claim is a central contention asking a question or printing out these problems issue to be discussed and supporting with specific reason(s) and evident(s). Is it time to end the war on drugs? Well first let’s take a look at what the war on drugs is. “The War on Drugs is an American term commonly applied to a campaign of prohibition of drugs, military aid, and military intervention, with the stated aim being to define and reduce the illegal drug…

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  • Wrongful Conviction In CIU

    District Attorney Jeffery F. Rosen launched the Santa Clara County Conviction Integrity Unit in 2011 and had David Angel head the unit. This county CIU shares the same structure as Manhattan, by having both a front-end and a back-end approach, that way to prevent future wrongful convictions by reviewing cases and limiting errors. The District of Attorney Office structure is to maintain accountability and commitment to integrity; because Rosen supervises both the CIU and the team that handles…

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