Analysis Of Matthew Chapter 23

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Many people in our world desire to know what the future holds. Thousands of people read horoscopes, go to palm readers, and look to psychics for answers to questions concerning the future. We are enamored with knowing what is coming over the next horizon so it is no wonder that many people who read the Bible do so to get an insiders glimpse on what tomorrow holds. And in a very general, but meaningful way, we are told what the future holds for humanity. Those who are found in Christ have an eternal hope of glory to look forward to and those who reject the Christ are destined for an eternal separation from all this is good and godly. That place we typically call hell.
But many people are not satisfied with that general knowledge, they prefer to seek out answers as to when this system of things will come to an end, when will the world as we know it cease to exist? And will it end in my time, while I am still here on earth? So off they go to reach for such books as Revelation, a notorious book known by even non-Christians, as well as Daniel and Ezekiel. Add to this collection of apocalyptic books, Matthew chapter 24 which is the focus of this paper. Below we will survey not only the Biblical text but also the
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In the opening verses of that chapter we have Jesus pronouncing woes upon the scribes and Pharisees. These men are putting others under extreme burdens with all their additions to the law of God. They dress up like they are holy and honorable men but it is all for show. They are hypocrites and false guides. They made converts but these converts end up twice as much children of hell. These hypocrites are said to have cleaned the outside of the cup but inside they are full of greed and self indulgence. They are really whitewashed tombs. These men are dead. Are they dead physically? Of course not, they are dead spiritually and their teachings and easy of life bring death to

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