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  • Endometriosis Essay

    Introduction Identified as a ‘chronic gynaecological disorder,’ (Giudice and Kao, 2004, p. 1789) endometriosis occurs, mostly found in the pelvic region, when tissue similar to the lining of the uterus (the endometrium) is found outside the uterus where it shouldn’t be, tissue appears to be red, inflamed and may form nodules and cysts (Endometriosis New Zealand [ENZ], 2015). As Endometriosis New Zealand (2015) estimates at least 120,000 girls and women have endometriosis in New Zealand and about 176 million women worldwide, the development of effective education, diagnosis and support for women with endometriosis is an important area of research. However, endometriosis is an underdiagnosed enduring disease, the average time amid onset of symptoms and diagnosis is between eight to ten years (Moradi, Parker, Sneddon, Lopez, and Ellwood, 2014). In this time many young women’s quality of life is affected by pain, the emotional impact of sub-fertility, anger about disease recurrence, and uncertainty about the future regarding repeated operations for medical therapy. Using interview-based studies, this thematic analysis seeks to answer the question How do young women experience endometriosis? Sub-themes are identified by categorising the interview quotes, then clustering them…

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  • Pathogenesis Of Endometriosis Summary

    For the purpose of this assignment, I researched an article titled, “The Role of DJ-1 in the Pathogenesis of Endometriosis” by Priyanka Rai and Sisinthy Shivajj. The article discusses many components in which are relevant to the disease, endometriosis. Endometriosis is a disease among women in which causes infertility and severe pelvic pain along with other health concerns. It is seen to occur within 10% of woman whom are of a reproductive or sexually-active age. It is due to the occurrence…

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  • Endometriosis: Diagnostic Debated Pathogenesis

    Endometriosis is a debilitating and painful disease estimated to occur in 50% of women seeking treatment for pain and infertility (Prince & Thomas, 2015). Despite its prevalence, there is a significant diagnostic delay associated with endometriosis; the length of time between the first presentation of symptoms to the actual diagnosis averages 6 to 11 years (Yates, 2015). This diagnostic delay stems from widely debated pathogenesis, varied presentation, and standard methods of diagnosis (Prince &…

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  • Causes Of Endometriosis

    Endometriosis is a disorder in which the endometrium, the tissue that normally resides in the uterus, grows outside of the uterus. The endometrial implant typically grows on the the outer walls of the uterus, the fallopian tubes, the ovaries, the intestines, or the tissue lining the pelvis. Rarely, the endometrial tissue spreads beyond the pelvic region. Despite being outside the uterus, the endometrial tissue behaves as it would normally, meaning that it thickens, breaks down, and bleeds with…

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  • Essay On Endometriosis

    Endometriosis Endometriosis refers to a painful condition where tissue begins to form outside of the uterus. This condition very often may also involve the ovaries, rectum and other parts of the body that tissue will spread towards. One example of Endometriosis reaching the ovaries is that cyst will form in the ovaries, these are called Endometriomas. Endometrial tissue normally works by thickening, breaking down and causing bleeding cycles with each menstrual period. This will irritate…

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  • Dermoid Ovarian Cyst Case Study

    Dermoid ovarian cysts, or mature cystic teratomas, are a nonfunctional type of cyst that forms on the ovary. This type of cyst is the most common type of germ cell tumor (Mo et al. 2013). This disease was of interest to me because I have had an ovarian cyst before, although mine was a different type, I had similar complications that normally follow a dermoid ovarian cyst. Causes of the disease and symptoms Dermoid ovarian cysts develop when totipotent germ cells become over stimulated in women…

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  • Endometriosis Research Paper

    Endometriosis is a complex condition that affects around five million women in the United States, according to the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development. In order to fully understand Endometriosis you must first know what a menstrual cycle is and what happens during one, which we will discuss within this paper. Once we have discussed the menstrual cycle we will then talk about signs and symptoms, how to treat Endometriosis, the medications commonly used, and a couple…

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  • My Endometriosis Short Story

    doctor finally understood what was wrong. The same illusionary question every other doctor said “no” to. This is my endometriosis story. It was a beautiful day in 2014. Life was great. I was with all my friends. We’re sitting on the couch, and all of the sudden, I start screaming in pain and fall on the floor. The pain was unlike any other. It was intense stabbing, burning, and twisting pain in my lower abdomen and around the location of ovaries. My friends were shocked and concerned. They had…

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  • Leading Causes Of Infertility

    Approximately 1 out of every 6 couples are affected by infertility. An infertility diagnosis is given to couples who have been failing to conceive over the course of a full year. Ten to fifteen percent of couples in the United States are infertile. Infertility may be cause from an issue with either you, your partner, or a combination both. There is a large variety of causes on why men and women are infertile. About 20% of cases are due to a problem in the man, and 40% to 50% are due to a problem…

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  • Infertility In The Reproductive System

    But the number one fertility treatment women are using is In Vitro Fertilization or IVF. IVF is practiced all over the world; it has also led to several born babies yearly (Dickey, Holan, Reece, Simon, & Taylor, 2015, Chapter Chapter 27). Unfortunately the cost per cycle is extremely high; due to that, many cannot afford it. Women’s infertility can be caused by serious problems in the ovaries, oviducts and endometrium. It affects approximately 8.2 million women in the United States. The leading…

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