Dermoid cyst

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  • Dermoid Ovarian Cyst Case Study

    Dermoid ovarian cysts, or mature cystic teratomas, are a nonfunctional type of cyst that forms on the ovary. This type of cyst is the most common type of germ cell tumor (Mo et al. 2013). This disease was of interest to me because I have had an ovarian cyst before, although mine was a different type, I had similar complications that normally follow a dermoid ovarian cyst. Causes of the disease and symptoms Dermoid ovarian cysts develop when totipotent germ cells become over stimulated in women of childbearing or reproductive years, usually women within twenty to forty years of age. Although some cases have shown women as young as fourteen with a dermoid ovarian cyst (Mo et al. 2013). There is no direct cause for dermoid ovarian cysts. Majority…

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  • Examples Of Personal Health Narrative Essay

    have triggered the pain. The doctors said that we weren’t going to find anything in there but we will still check. Before they could proceed with anything my mom had to sign a consent waiver stating that they have a right to perform the ultrasound. I remember the nurse putting cold jelly on my stomach asking, “You aren’t sexually active correct? Or any chance you’d be pregnant?” I stared at the lady and go, I haven’t even ever made out with a boy!” She started laughing at the comment I made. As…

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  • Case Study: Informed Consent Process

    A right cystectomy was the first course of action as the ultrasound and CT scan had confirmed that were was a dermoid cyst on the right ovary. However; I also advised Ms Smith that in cases such as hers, scans are not always conclusive and the surgeon must proceed on the basis of their intra-operative findings. The CT scan revealed a bulky left ovary, and there was a possibility that it could have been affected by a cyst as well. I also advised Ms Smith that in some cases a cyst may be so severe…

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  • Personal Narrative: Ovarian Cancer

    After all of these tests and doctor visits, I was diagnosed with stage one ovarian cancer. A granulosa cell tumor was found on my right ovary. It was pretty rare considering less than five out of one hundred ovarian cancer patients have a tumor like that. It was astonishing that a sixteen year old, with no previous ovarian cancer occurrences in her family, was diagnosed with the cancer. The average age for an ovarian cancer occurrence is sixty three years old. My doctors concluded that the best…

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  • Ultrasound Vs Digital Images

    A cyst is usually a sac in the body that is full of fluids, depending on the type of cyst that it is. Before ultrasound pictures, doctors did not know a lot of information about cyst; the doctor did not know the cyst location or the size of it because they did not know what it looked like. Now, sonographers can learn about this information and if there even is a cyst. The use of ultrasound picture can tell the sonographer if the person has a cyst on their ovaries, breast, and several other parts…

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  • Of Mice And Men: A Short Story

    faceless person in the room, spoke up and explained that the surgeon started with a half-inch incision and scope, but he couldn’t find the afflicted appendix. Rather than taking the extra precaution and doing an MRI to find the appendix, he cut me open, giving me a seven-inch scar, and looked for it, well, manually. They not only discovered that there was nothing wrong with my appendix, but it was on the wrong side of my body, which apparently only occurs once in a surgeon’s profession. While…

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  • Ovarian Cysts Research Paper

    Ovarian Cysts-Kennedy Berry-5th Hour Think about having harmful bacteria balls sitting on your ovaries and then it exploding…OUCH! Ruptured cysts are very painful and harmful. They can cause many problems. You may think how you live with them if they are harmful? Well, they can be treated and removed. Ovarian cysts are harmful, painful, and cause many problems to female bodies, luckily they can be treated and detected. Ovarian cysts are fluid-filled sacs that form in our on your ovaries that…

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  • Thhalidomide Research Paper Solution

    Thalidomide was never mass marketed in the U.S. Early side effects of Thalidomide in pregnant women would consist of giddiness, nausea, shivering, buzzing in the ear, constipation, wakefulness, and certain allergic reactions (The Multinational Monitor). As the babies started to be birthed, doctors started to see the true effects of Thalidomide. Many babies came out with no arms or legs. If they had legs, then were intached together, and the same went to the feet as well. Ear and eye defects…

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