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  • Hedonism Human Sexuality

    consists of the hypothalamus, pituitary gland, and the gonads – gonads being the testes in males and the ovaries in females. Together, the HPG axis regulates sex hormone production in a negative feedback loop. Three important hormones that are produced from this process are follicle-stimulating (FSH) hormone; luteinizing hormone (LH); and gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH.) These hormones help to regulate the pituitary gland’s production of testosterone and estrogen in humans. Hormones like androgens and estrogens stimulate and maintain secondary sex characteristics from infancy through adulthood. Hormones also control sexual functions like the menstrual cycle, pregnancy and pubertal growth, as well as sexual behavior. Androgens, mainly testosterone, stimulate beard growth, sperm production, and the growth of bone and muscle in males. Estrogens stimulate growth of the uterus and vagina and breast development. It is interesting to note that testosterone levels in men stay relatively constant throughout their lives, while estrogen levels in women fluctuate constantly. Testosterone in particular is hugely influential when it comes to sexual desire and functioning. It is interesting to note that testosterone correlates with sexual desire in both men and women. Men who have been castrated and thus have lost a major source of testosterone production, usually experience a major drop in feelings of sexual desire. It has been noted that the same seems to be true with women who…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Breast Cancer

    That is right aluminum. The same aluminum found every day products such as soda cans, pots and pans, and computers. Aluminum-based compounds are often used as the active ingredient in many of the deodorants women use today. These compounds may form a temporary plug inside of the sweat duct and prohibit the flow of sweat to the skin 's surface. Some research suggests that these compounds may be absorbed by the skin and cause estrogen-like effects which can increase one 's risk for breast cancer. …

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  • Importance Of Exercises During Perimenopause

    7 Exercises That Keep You Healthy During Perimenopause Overview Perimenopause is a phase which ushers in the menopause. It is a period where a woman ceases to menstruate for a whole year. This is due to hormonal changes majorly estrogen. The perimenopause period ends after a year of absence of menstruation. As the estrogen levels go down it brings in sleepless nights, hot flashes, mood swings, accumulation of fat in the belly and also high risk of heart problems. Low bone strength and muscle…

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  • Breast Cancer : A Common And Second Leading Cause Death Among Cancer

    Richa Sood NURS 6521 Advanced Pharmacology Walden University August 7, 2014 Breast cancer in women Breast cancer in women For the purpose of this assignment, I chose breast cancer as it is very common and second leading cause of death among cancers in United States, after heart disease. However, due to the improvement in drugs, technology, early detection and better understanding on the disease, the rates are declining as compare to the past. Some of the common risk factors that can…

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  • Mucus Plug Research Paper

    plug. What is the Mucus Plug? The cervix produces a special mucus referred to as cervical mucus. Cervical mucus is a natural protection that a women’s body produces. The mucus is secreted or discharged during different parts of the menstrual cycle and pregnancy. The mucus is secreted from the cervix to protect the reproductive organs from opportunistic pathogens and invading bacteria and/or pathogens. Additionally, when ovulation has occurred, the mucus evolves and acts as a safe passage way…

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  • Menopause Research Paper

    Introduction The menopause is the period of time a woman 's life, at which her ability to give birth ends. The main natural fact is the end of the menstrual flow and it causes reduced secretion of the ovarian hormones estrogen and progesterone. Symptoms have been related to menopause are mood changes, sleep disorders, urinary incontinence, cognitive changes, somatic complaints, sexual dysfunction, and reduced quality of life may be secondary to other symptoms or related to other causes.…

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  • Disadvantages Of Using Mammograms To Diagnose Breast Cancer

    inherited the BRCA 1 or 2 mutation in their lifetime. Kay (2013, p. 1) states in younger women having a familiar risk of breast cancer is the leading cause of cases. This is contributed by BRCA being passed through generations. However there are different risk levels such as severity, age and the kind of cancer among carriers. Estrogen is a believed cause of breast cancer depending on the level in the body. Samavat (2015, p. 1) states that estrogen is a known factor and linked to breast cancer…

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  • Anastrozole Research Paper

    the other cyanoisoproply group fits between the beta-4 sheet and I helix [6,7]. Molecular targets: Anastrozole targets the enzyme cytochrome P450 19A1 (CYP19A1) which provides the instruction to make aromatase [2,8]. Aromatase is responsible for catalysing the formation of estrogens from androgens. Anastrozole also targets the enzymes CYP1A2, CYP2C9, CYP3A4, these enzymes are heme-thiolate monooxygenases which are involved in NADPH-dependent electron transport pathway [1,2,5]. Mechanism of…

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  • Osteoporosis: Bone Disease

    function properly, but in osteoporosis, the holes are very large leading to easily breakable bones. If you have a lot of bone mass at a young age, then you are more likely to not have osteoporosis. There are many leading causes of osteoporosis. Being at an older age can put you at risk because bones loose mass as you get older. Also another cause is inadequate physical activity. When you don’t continue to strengthen your bones it weakens them and eventually they become very porous and more…

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  • Ashley X The Battle Of Growth Attenuation Analysis

    Ashley X: the battle of Growth attenuation Ashley X is nine years-old and is severely disabled due to a disorder called static encephalopathy. Because of this disability her brain is affected leaving her to be physically and cognitively impaired. Ashley’s mindset is the same as a 3-6-month-old baby. To treat her disease her parents decided to use a treatment that’s normally used to stimulate the growth of an individual called Growth Attenuation. Along with the growth attenuation, they decided to…

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