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  • Analysis Of A Fetus

    this article, Janet tries to argue that a fetus should be thought of as a human. Not only should readers consider them humans, but they should also know how smart a fetus is. There are very few differences between a newborn and a fetus. At the 32 week mark, the fetus has almost the same behavioral patterns as a newborn. At the point of 9 weeks, a fetus can hiccup, react to loud noises, and experience rapid eye movement (REM) which is sleep of dreams. These are just some of the human like senses a fetus has. One of the first senses discussed is fetal alertness. It is known that even though these fetuses have all these abilities, they don’t spend most of their times using them. Most of their time is occupied by sleeping. At 32 weeks,…

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  • Fetus Case Study Essay

    Introduction While a fetus is developing in the womb, there are different perspectives raised regarding what constitutes a moral being at the time. Some argue that a fetus at the stage cannot be considered a moral being because they are not aware of what is taking place while to others; the fetus is already a being because it has life. Different bioethicist theories have also been developed to understand fetus developments and these theories are used by different stakeholders while providing…

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  • Right Balance Of The Fetus Case Study

    the mother’s rights of bodily integrity? Many would say the mother has sole authority to the decisions concerning her unborn fetus. Controversial issues arise once the fetus may be in potential danger. Finding the accommodating balance is both difficult and challenging. Does the mother or the state have authority to make decisions concerning the fetus? This question is very difficult and needs evaluation and analyzing. Many individuals lean one way or the other. But which is morally correct?…

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  • What Are Different Factors In The Prenatal Period Of Fetus Development?

    The duty of the mother to protect and nurture the developing fetus inside her womb is sometimes taken too lightly. So many different factors in the environment of the mother can be extremely harmful to the fetus, if not fatal. To describe the broad spectrum of environmental agents that have the potential to cause damage or death in the prenatal period of fetus development, the term teratogen is given. Teratogens can be things such as drugs, tobacco, alcohol, radiation, environmental pollution,…

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  • What Is The Right To Abort The Fetus

    Using Mill’s philosophy, the intended parents can exert their liberty to abort the fetus. The intended parents’ decision to abort the fetus exercises utility since it reduces pain and suffering for the fetus and the parents, justifying the intended parents’ decision to do whatever they please to maximize happiness (Mill 1863).On the contrary, letting the intended parents abort the fetus may be seen as inflicting harm on the fetus’ liberty (Mill 1863). Hence, some might argue that the gestational…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Fetus Removal

    Fetus removal is characterized as: "the end of pregnancy and ejection of an incipient organism or of a baby that is unequipped for survival." However, in the event that just the wrangle over the fetus removal issue was as basic as the definition gave above. Much like each part of human life, an announcement is neither right nor wrong, yet just left open for understanding. There is no dark and white in life, just hazy areas. A few issues have a tendency to give us more dark territories than…

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  • Analysis Of Warren's Abortion Is Morally Permissible

    Warren’s article “Abortion Is Morally Permissible” discusses if a fetus deserves to have a right to live. She begins her argument with describing why fetuses do not deserve rights because they do not have any traits of personhood. She then points out that even throughout the entire pregnancy a fetus does not deserve rights, she ends her argument by stating that even though a fetus has the potential to become a person it should not have as much rights as a pregnant women who is already a person.…

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  • The Ethical Argument Of Abortion

    between a fetus and a newborn baby. The liberal argument expresses the view of that it is acceptable to kill a fetus up to a certain point but has adverse feeling towards killing a baby that is able to live outside the womb. Singer (1979, p.122) argues that if a fetus does not have the same claim to life neither does a newborn baby, even one that of a week-year-old. He previously stated the life of a fetus has no greater value than the life of an animal, maintaining that an animal and a fetus…

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  • Abortion Papers

    feel the fetus move during pregnancy). During this period woman was usually given poison after the fourth month of pregnancy. Most states followed Connecticut in this making abortions illegal after the first trimester but nothing big happened until 1856 when a guy by the name of Dr. Horatio Storer made his mark through the American Medical Association to make abortion illegal. The AMA had a lot of success. In 111 years, they persuaded 49 states to make abortion a felony. In 1969 two…

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  • Essay On A Defense Of Abortion By Judithvis Thomson

    In today’s societies around the world, there is currently two factions of the highly controversial topic of abortion and whether it should be allowed or outlawed. These two factions on opposite sides are pro-choice and pro-life. Pro-choice supporters in essence believes a woman has the right to an abortion if she decides to do so. On the other hand, pro-life supporters believe the fetus is its own human being and has the right to live, thus an abortion cannot be performed on the woman. Judith…

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