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  • The Importance Of Feudalism

    MIP-1) Feudalism was one of the most important parts of the middle ages. (SIP-A) Feudalism was based on how the lord exchanged land for military service. (STEWE-1)He could give as little as 10 acres. He can also give 1000 acres (A Smith ). Some of these peasants were given or rented their own sections of the estate to work and live on, but the peasants can not own land. The land is owned by the lord or the vassal (A Smith ). (STEWE-2) in return the king would be safe from all the attacks. The lords that the king gave his land to, made people become knights to protect the manor. The knights get food, selter and land for protection the land. (SIP-B) (STEWE-1) The king would trust vessels with land. In return the king would get his…

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  • Rise Of Feudalism

    Feudalism was the embodiment of laws and customs that ruled economic, political, and cultural order of Europe after the reign of Charlemagne when a multitude of invasions by foreign powers all over Europe caused people to be willing to give up their rights and freedom for a measure of safety and security. Castles were made to protect the population, and the knights were the men who defended it. These knights would fight with their own horses at their own expense and in exchange for protection,…

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  • The Influence Of Feudalism

    Feudalism is a political system that completely changed people during the Middle Ages. The Middle Ages was a very dark time of European rule. The disorganization that some people do not see about the Middle Ages make it out to be the dark time that it was. Invasions from the Germanic people caused much of the chaos, and a result of many of these invasions led to a central government that had little power and influence. Feudalism seemed like a good way to fix all of the disorganization, but there…

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  • Essay On Feudalism

    Feudalism was introduced into England when William I defeated Harold and won the Battle of Hastings in 1066 A.D. William I could not easily control all of his land, so he created feudalism so he wouldn't have to spend all of his time governing England. William of Normandy created several large pieces of land that he gave to his warriors that fought bravely. These men became earls, barons, and dukes, also called tenants-in-chief. William then had them swear loyalty to him. They, in turn, did the…

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  • Feudalism In Medieval Times

    I. Feudalism is when the lord of the land gives his vassal land and power over the people who were living around the area, and in return the vassal provides military support (page 27). Additionally, the lord also grants the serfs land however, he has to pay his rent and could never leave his land unless the lord gives him permission. The daughter of the father’s land still inherits their fathers land when married. On page 29 the book states “If a husband defaulted in administering his wife land,…

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  • Advantage Of Feudalism

    1.Feudalism A)Define feudalism. What are its benefits? Back in the Middle Ages, Medieval Britain was organized around a system of Feudalism. The country was not governed by the king, but instead by individual lords, also known as barons. These lords or so called barons administered their own estates, dispensed their own justice, minted their own money, levied taxes and tolls, and demanded military service from vassals. Feudalism in short was a relationship of obligation and mutual service…

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  • Japanese Feudalism Essay

    Feudalism has been in effect in medieval times in europe and japan. Feudalism is a social system mainly in medieval Europe where nobles were given the gift of land that is owned by kings or emperors. In return the noble peoples give any kind of military service that the king or emperor requests. How is feudalism in Europe similar or different from feudalism in Japan? Leaders of Japan and Europe were different in such ways that kings for example in europe held power overall. They could also…

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  • Strengths And Weaknesses Of Feudalism

    Feudalism, England’s alternative to a government during the Middle Ages, played a significant role in the age of war and monarchs, and in some ways continues to have a role in today’s government. The workings of feudalism are simple. A king, or lord, gives land, also known as fiefs, ownership to nobles, also known as vassals, and in return for the king’s overall protection, the vassals would be responsible for providing their support and defense in the form of knights. In reciprocation for their…

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  • The Importance Of Feudalism In The Middle Ages

    The Roman Empire has fallen, the Middle Ages have begun, and Europe is in chaos (Frey 19). It was into these troubled times that feudalism, a social and political system, emerged as a way to regain stability. Supporting it was an economic system called manorialism, which centered around self-sufficient estates called manors. Farmers worked the fields on the manor and were crucial to keeping it running, both through the work they did and the taxes they paid. Feudalism was an important part of the…

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  • Feudalism In Medieval Europe

    Feudalism was a unique form of government that unified the people of medieval Europe. The system was based on the feudal pyramid, in which people from different social classes gave and received essential needs for survival. Feudalism was supported by the working force, the farmer serfs. Despite their low social standing, farmer serfs were an essential part of feudalism. Feudalism was a system of government that developed in the Medieval Ages. Feudalism was brought up through chaos. It appeared…

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