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  • Personal Narrative: My True Grandmother

    In my eyes she was the grandmother I never had. My true grandma ' was a grumpy mean old lady how wasn 't willingly to love her only granddaughter; probably because I was a girl, or probably because she hated my mother too much. Anyway my family story is to complicated to discuss and this essay is only about a person who impacted my life. What I would say is that this gentlewoman who loved me from the bottom of the Earth until the crashing stars was the godmother of my biological father. I have a vague memory of her presence in my life since I only saw her five times after I left, at seven years old, before that she was my daily host. Those vague memories that she left inside me had a bigger impact on me than anything else in my life, forging me into what I am today. She is now shinning only in my mind, as she probably faded from life some years ago, although I do not have a confirmation. She nearly didn 't see at all from the time I was eleven, although she still smiled and looked at me; she always wanted to see what a young lady I became. I know from when I was five years old that she took more than ten pills a day, even thought I liked to think that those were just gummy bears and she would 've lived forever... I remember standing on small wooden chair, carved with my initials, stuffed with small little yellow pillows, and crocheted vest sparkled with rainbow colors. I stood there to study her because to me she was the most educated woman I ever met. My mom worked forty…

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  • Indian Movie New Jersey Poem Analysis

    Immigrants come to America in hopes of finding and achieving the “American Dream”. Some do end up achieving this goal, but for a majority of immigrants, they are faced with racism and discrimination because of their culture. When asked for our nationality or where we are from, they do not expect us to say American or America, and when we do, they say “No, where are you REALLY from?” Immigrants are told to assimilate and join the American culture, but when they do so, they are still reminded that…

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  • Opuntia Ficus Case Study

    Introduction Opuntia ficus-indica (L.) Mill belongs to the family Cactaceae. Its globally common name is the sweet prickly pear locally is called Albarshom. It has widely international spread. Firstly, Opuntia ficus-indica has founded Central America (Mexico). And later the species have been introduced to many areas of savanna regions and inhibit South Africa, Asia, and Australia as an ornamental, for camel feed (Brutsch and Zimmermann, 1993) and for its delicious fruits as food for humans,…

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  • Pyllanthus Emblica Case Study

    It was present as a major constituent of nearly 12% of herbal formulations suggested by the locals for treating vitiligo. A number of earlier studies (Kaur et al., 2012) have also reported Ficus carica as phytoremedy for vitiligo. Ficus carica leaves are reported to have two photoactive furanocoumarins, Psoralen and bergapten (5–methoxypsoralen). Since the content of T–lymphocytes was reliably reduced in patients with vitiligo (the number of T–helpers was decreased and T–suppressors were…

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  • Barangaroo Headland Park And Reserve: Case Study

    the heat from the sun is absorbed into the concrete, bricks, and roads slowly emitting the heat and creating a warmer micro climate within the vicinity. Due to its coastal location, the Reserve also receives higher amounts of rainfall annually, between 700 mm to 1,400 mm, as well as oceanic wind/ gust/ gale which depending on the season can be very cool (refer to data collected on field study in appendix 4 and tables sourced from the NSW Bureau of Meteorology in appendix 5). 2.2 VEGETATION/…

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  • Differences And Characteristics Of Bianca, Bianca And Gialla

    distribution of the fruit across two size categories of fresh weight, at the third year after plantation. The populations with orange pulp fruits (OFI-5, OFI-12, OFI-13, OFI-14, OFI-20 and cv. ‘Gialla’) had larger fruits than the populations with white pulp fruits (OFI-01, OFI-03, OFI-8, OFI-09, OFI-11, OFI-15, OFI-16, OFI-17, OFI-18, OFI-19 and cv. ‘Bianca’), in the latter more than 60% of fruits had a fresh weight lower than 80 g. 4. Discussion The OFI local ecotypes revealed variability…

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  • Importance Of Interior Landscaping

    whole school with plants, lights, and fountains. All of this inspiring indoor beauty for prices less than filling rooms with iPads. Inspiring, serene, beautiful, all words Woodbury High should be called rather than a prison of boredom. During spirit weeks the school is decorated with to boost school spirit and mood, so why not double down on the decorations and put in permanent decorations in the form of interior landscaping? Studies conducted such as “The Psychology of Color” or “Color Research…

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  • Analysis Of Saving The Malabar Hornbill

    Due to their large numbers, large tracts of land are cleared away at once and the recovery time taken by the forest is much longer than anticipated. It takes few seconds to chop down a tree but several years to grow another one in its place. The farmers mainly grow coffee in that area. Coffee is one such crop that needs canopy to grow. But the irony here is that the very trees that would give shade are being cut down. The deforestation is occurring as people are replacing the native trees with…

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  • Analysis Of Mweka Village

    Different species of shrubs are also found in the area such as Lantana camara, Duranta arecta, Caesalpinia decapetala and Ricinus communis. The grass species found in the area includes Pennistum purpureum, Setaria splendida, Panicum maximum and Tripsacum andersonii [22]. Herb species includes Argemone mexicana, Commelina bengalensis, Conyza floribunda, Euphorbia hirta, Tridax procumbens and the studied one Ageratum conyzoides. The most species of sedge found in the area is Kyilinga alba. Both…

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  • Contact Therapy Case Study

    The root pieces are kept in the navel of woman for easy delivery. 11. Datura metel L. (Solanaceae) Local name- ‘Dhotra’, ‘Dhatura’. MBP-69 The root is wrapped in a black piece of cloth and tied to the waist of pregnant woman with the help of a string (kardhoda) to prevent miscarriage or abortion. 12. Echinops echinatus Roxb. (Asteraceae ) Local name- ‘Utkatara’ MBP- 188 A small piece of root is tied to the hair of expectant mother at the time of delivery to…

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