Coastal geography

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  • Dawlish Warren Case Summary

    Do the coastal defences at Dawlish Warren have a significantly larger impact on coastal processes than at Slapton Sands? Throughout this independent enquiry I will be examining the structure and location of the majority of the coastal defences at two drift aligned depositional landforms on the South Devon coastline; Dawlish Warren (the geographer online)1 and Slapton Sands (Chadwick et al, 2005)2. In particular, the success of the defences placed at these two landforms will be compared by measuring their influence on the coastal processes which are found to naturally occur in the respective littoral zones of the two stretches of coast. Moreover, the processes that will be looked at in detail are those that significantly contribute to the coastal…

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  • Hooded Plover Extinction

    Introduction The purpose of this investigation is to help show how people could help save the Hooded Plovers from extinction. People tend to think that the beaches are just covered in sand. For many years now, people have been visiting beaches around South Australia; and which has out a negative impact on the flora and fauna. The Hooded Plovers are highly endangered. There are less then 800 Hooded Plover in South Australia, and only 7,000 in Australia. The main reason that the Hooded Plovers are…

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  • Beach Morphology Report

    Introduction Beach morphology is a key factor in helping determine the sediment interaction between not only the ocean but the surrounding environment as well. On September 23rd, 2016 at 1500-1645 hours’ group 3 of MSCI 112 collected local data of the morphology of Myrtle Beach State Park, SC, US. With the help of the data collected on site as well as the data collected in the lab our main objective is to able to learn more about the impact on the beach as well as the interactions it has with…

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  • Barangaroo Headland Park And Reserve: Case Study

    The lower slopes of the park have more shade from the trees and hill above while the sandstones trap and absorb the heat from the sun. the top of the hills with is sparse amount of vegetation receive more sun and therefore more heat. the microclimate beneath the park creates a wind tunnel and is very cold as it doesn’t receive any sunlight. The microclimate closer to the roads and residential buildings also create more heat due to the urban heat island affect, whereby the heat from the sun is…

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  • Longshore Drift Effects

    Processes Explanation Photographic Evidence Impact on the area – Positive or negative Longshore Drift Longshore drift is the lateral movement of sediment in the near shore zone on a coast. It is caused by wave induced currents and wind. This process occurs when the waves break at an angle to the shoreline therefore moving sand along the beach on a diagonal direction The waves hit the beach at an angle (swash) and then retreat (backwash) an angle If the wave is constructive, sediment will…

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  • Cronulla Sand Mine Case Study

    What is a sand mine? Sand mining is a process that removes sand from an open pit. Where has the sand mine at Cornulla existed? Sand mining in Cronulla existed in Kurnell Peninsula in the government area of Sutherland Shire Sydney New South Wales. When did the sand mine at Cornulla close? Why? Sand Mine at Cronulla was Closed since the 1968 because they were removed to allow more tonnes of sand per year and they supplies the building sand What building development has occurred at Cronulla? The…

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  • Ap Human Geography Essay

    Physical geography looks at the ordinary course of the Earth, such as weather and plate tectonics. Human geography looks at the impact and behavior of people and how they relate to the physical world. Location Pinpoints different positions, people, places and locations on the earth surface. Absolute location -vs- relative location For example: Turkey is absolute between 36 degrees and 42 degrees north latitude and between 26 degrees and 45 degrees east longitude. The relative location of…

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  • What Are Your Research Aim, Questions And/Or Objectives

    What is your research design and methodology? What are the relative strengths and weaknesses of the methods and/or techniques that you have used for your research so far? For my thesis, I have employed specific methodologies that complement the research aims/questions outlined above. This has been achieved so far through using a mixture of both qualitative and quantitative methods. Being primarily an economic geography thesis, the methodologies will be slightly weighted in favour of statistics,…

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  • Themes Of Geography

    Emily Waldo Bezy Geo. Honors 15 August 2017 “Geography & It’s 5 Themes” Geography is the study of the Earth, specifically the land and its features. The subject can be divided into two categories: Physical Geography and Cartography. Physical Geography entails actual points that can be located using latitude and longitude as well as landforms, such as mountains, rivers, lakes, oceans, plateaus, etc. Cartography is the study and / or practice of drawing maps. In Cartography; one must…

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  • Crows And Sparrows Movie Analysis

    By examining the differences between the Hou’s room and Xiao family’s room, it becomes clear that this film does not characterize the home as dependent on class, despite the home’s dependence on material things. The upper class Hou’s room upstairs is functional, yet feels empty and void due to the amount of open space not occupied by furniture or decor. The Xiao’s room downstairs, however, is filled with goods stuffed into every nook and cranny of the room. Despite being filled with less…

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