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  • Locke Ober Cafe Case Study

    Shake all ingredients very well over ice and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with orange wheel and cherry (if desired). Let’s let our minds wander back to Downtown Crossing to a dimly lit bar in 1898. Picture yourself sitting in what was one of Boston’s finest dining establishments, the Locke-Ober Café (now known as Yvonne’s). It is the night before Election Day, and the Hendricks Club is gathered at the bar awaiting victory of their founder, Irish-American politician Martin Michael Lomasney, AKA “The Mahatma”. They are there to celebrate the certainty of Lomasney’s election as a representative to the Massachusetts General Court, the state legislature. The club calls for a special drink for their man. Bartender Tom Hussion pulls out a bottle of whiskey (or rye or bourbon). He cuts a lemon, squeezing the juice into the glass, adding in sugar to make the whiskey sour. But this occasion called for something more. Something better. Hussion daringly adds a squeeze from an orange and then a dash of grenadine. “Delicious! We’ll call it the Ward Eight,” the bar exclaimed—or so the story…

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  • Hot Spinach Research Paper

    the required nutrients for the body. Suggestions for Serving Hot Spinach Dip Instead of serving hot spinach dip with potato chips or crackers, you must make it a point to use fresh sliced vegetables like celery, carrot sticks, green peppers, stalks, cucumbers and avocados. You can even serve the dip with ingredients rich in their fiber content and these include pita chips and whole-wheat delicious crackers. Title: The History Associated with Raspberry Martini Description- There are some specific…

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  • STAFF And Characteristics Of A Bartender

    and gold lighting with brown leather bar stools. While the décor will not “scream” Mexican, with sombreros and the typical décor found at most Mexican restaurants, it will be obvious to the diner that the establishment is a Mexican restaurant. Although we are pursuing an upscale clientele and featuring a high quality of cuisine, we want the atmosphere to be lively, festive and welcoming – not stuffy or snobby. All dishes will be served on wood tables with white plates, to allow the…

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  • Cocktails And Chemo Essay

    Cocktails & Chemo “When the going gets tough, the tough get going. People are strongest when they have no other choice. These CAN have a positive outcome, if you want them to…” Joe Clark (2013) The story that founded the Cocktails and Chemo foundation is that of a young cancer patient and his new wife. Their beautiful story from diagnosis to death was recorded in their online blog and was transmitted to the world. The Cocktails and Chemo Foundation has a unique vision, they are committed to…

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  • Gender Roles And Stereotypes In The Cocktail Waitress

    In the ethnography, The Cocktail Waitress, by James Spradley and Brenda Mann the waitresses conform to many of the gender roles, stereotypes, and stratifications that their wider society puts on them. They rarely challenge these cultural norms and expectations because nobody wants to question tradition, they want to be considered good waitresses, and most of all the men at the bar inforce the social norms put on the women. The first reason why the waitresses conform to many of the gender…

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  • Dichotic Listening Report

    The fact that guests at a cocktail party are unable to completely tune out others conversations (evidenced by the fact that the statement of their names or other emotionally significant speech) implies that at any given moment, all sound information from multiple sources are at least being “taken in” by the working memory. Researchers have theorized that while all information is at least recognized by the cognitive processes, only that information which is deemed relevant makes its way to…

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  • Social Unity In The Cocktail Party By T. S. Eliot

    Now we are transported from the world of The Family Reunion into the world of The Cocktail Party, from the world of the Monchenseys into the world of the Chamberlaynes, from the world of Agatha, Mary and the aunts and uncles into the world of Reilly, Julia, Peter, Alex andCelia. Here In The Cocktail Party the atmosphere of party is there,there is psychological loneliness, the nervous breakdown, the spiritualanguish, the sense of despair, insanity, the sense of sin and expiation,the sense of…

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  • Efficiency, Equity And Market Failure And Success In Cocktail Party Economics

    The system of a market, formed through the supply and demand of goods, can be divided amongst different types (types of what?), that can be classified based on the competition the supplier has for allocating his/her goods. Two commonly known divisions are the free market and the competitive market, as discussed in Cocktail Party Economics, written by Evelin Adomait and Richard Maranta. The writers argue that, no matter how efficiently a perfectly functioning competitive market is working, it is…

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  • Cocktail Party Economics By Eveline J. Adomait And Richard G. Maranta

    Pear Assignment 1 The book Cocktail Party Economics by Eveline J. Adomait and Richard G. Maranta uses real life situations and analogies to discuss big economic ideas. These ideas help us understand the prices people have to pay for goods and services. Economic terms such as scarcity, exchange, value, opportunity cost and production allow us to understand the three larger concepts which are supply, demand and equilibrium. The quote “Life is simple, work (real), get paid (money), buy stuff…

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  • Molecular Mixology Essay

    as good as yours. You haven’t. So what is molecular mixology? Simply put, it is the act of producing cocktails through the use of some equipment and techniques of molecular gastronomy. It involves the creation of different varieties of flavor, combination of flavors and the presentation of drinks in different ways. This mixing affects the appearance of the drinks. Mixology has taken on scientific magnitudes throughout the world in recent years. It has become something that is recognized. At the…

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