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    A/P Jeffrey Gobbi is a 42-year-old male here today for followup and discussion of left shoulder pain. Left shoulder pain. The patient had this now ongoing a year and it seems to be getting worse. At this point, we are going to start with an x-ray with potential need for an MRI. Consideration for orthopedics and physical therapy. I will review results of the x-ray with him when they are available. He knows to contact me if he does not hear from me in a timely manner. Coccydynia. Previously had done well status post an injury now re-injured and it is bothering him again. He is requesting an x-ray order and I gave him an order for that as well. He can continue with using a pillow to sit on or a donut. He could also use Advil as needed. Type 2 diabetes. He will keep his follow up with Dr. Meattey. So far he seems to be tolerating his new medication. He will update Dr. Meattey if he has any concerns or questions. Hypogonadism. Currently doing well with his injectable testosterone. Also uses Cialis, if needed. So far that seems to be going well for him and again will keep his follow up with Dr.…

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