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  • Speech On Coconut Water

    long coastlines where coconut palms grow in abundance, coconut water has always been used as a refreshing drink and a health enhancer. The people of the Pacific Islands respect the coconut and use all of its parts for food and medicine. It is only recently that this humble natural beverage has started receiving the attention it clearly deserves in North America. If you are not familiar with this drink, coconut water is the nearly colorless liquid contained within a coconut. Although it used to be referred to as the milk of coconut, or coconut milk, earlier, it is not to be confused with the white milky liquid extracted from coconut meat. In its natural form, coconut water is a light, mildly sweet drink with…

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  • Coconut Water: The Benefits Of Coconut Water

    The benefits of coconut water is getting a few genuine considerations of late. Luckily, it merits the majority of its commendation. In addition to the fact that it is invigorating. Its likewise a low-calorie natural drink. Here's the insane thing. One coconut contains 1-4 cups of coconut water. Where Does Coconut Water Come From The drink itself, got by drilling openings into the thick shells of the coconut when it's young and green. It has an unmistakable salty-sweet fluid. What's more,with…

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  • Coconut Water Essay

    PROPERTIES, USES, NUTRITIONAL BENEFITS IN HEALTH AND WEALTH AND IN HEALTH AND DISEASE: ABSTRACT: Coconut water (coconut liquid endosperm), with its many applications, is one of the world’s most versatile natural product. This refreshing beverage is consumed worldwide as it is nutritious and beneficial for health. There is increasing scientific evidence that supports the role of coconut water in health and medicinal applications. Coconut water is traditionally used as a growth supplement in plant…

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  • Cocos Nucifera Case Study

    Cocos nucifera Cocos nucifera, more commonly known as the coconut palm tree, is a monocot member of the botanical family Arecaceae, also known as Palmae (United States Department of Agriculture, 2015). Coconut palms are medium-sized, herbaceous plants that thrive on sandy beaches and are resistant to the salinity of nearby ocean water. (Encyclopedia of Life, 2015) While treelike in form, its trunk is not composed of wood, but of fibrous, stout, overlapping stems, and may grow as tall as 80 feet.…

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  • Juice Avocado Short Story

    “Juice Avocado. Juice orange!” she squawked to draw the attention of the passersby. There were few other carts, next to them, hawking tasty ethnic foods, and they all had an unspoken, stiff competition among themselves to attract the customers, in spite of having excellent camaraderie – survival of the fittest. “Avocado Juice– Jus aplokat,” Yanti hawked in high pitch drawing the notice of the shoppers who looked at her smilingly but didn’t buy as they’re going to the market and might try…

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  • Bottled Coconut Water Case Study

    product. City people more likely are health conscious, so as a result they will prefer coconut water in their daily life. Moreover bottled coconut water is not available in the market, so a good feedback is likely to come. Distributing the product will be easier in the division cities. This product will serve all the people including the younger ones along with the aged people. Everyone should likely to be interested in this product. It is most likely to come with a fruitful outcome as this is a…

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  • Personal Narrative: Fishing With Coconuts

    Fishing with Coconuts It was 0215 on the twelfth day of February and our Arleigh Burke class guided missile destroyer was cruising the Indian Ocean. I was in the middle of a watch, patrolling the main deck. Feeling the effects of sleep deprivation and being nowhere close to the end of my watch, the night started to become routine. As I had done numerous times before, I swung open the hatch to the weather deck and began to step out and into the pitch-dark night. By an unfortuitous…

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  • Rainforest-Personal Narrative Analysis

    Airport. My first thought as I saw the island for the first time was a sense of assimilation. Being someone who’s always wanted to grow closer to my heritage, this was everything I dreamed about growing up. Going to the island for the first time exposed me to Puerto Rican culture, exotic animals, amazing food and acres and acres of rainforest. This is one cultural expedition I will never forget. As we stepped out the back door of our hotel my feet instantly hit the cool white sand. This…

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  • Pineapple Case Study

    (protease) which has several therapeutic properties including malignant cell growth, thrombus formation, inflammation, control of diarrhoea, dermatological and skin debridement (Tochi et al., 2008). According to Tochi et al, available evidence indicates bromelain is well absorbed orally with its therapeutic effects being enhanced in a dose dependent manner and if successfully incorporated in foods, it could become more acceptable as a nutraceutical product than it now is. Pineapple can be used…

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  • Coconut Oil Essay

    Introduction: Coconut oil is basically edible oil obtained from drupe of Cocos nucifera. Coconut oil is one of the most easily available edible oil and is very economical and use in every house globally. Majorly coconut oil consist of triglycerols and fatty acids. Coconut oil contains about 90% saturated fatty acids. Of which lauric acid is the main component (47.5% by wt), followed by Myristic acid (18.1% by wt) and palmitic acid (8.8% by wt). Major triglycerols aretrilaurin…

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