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  • Correlation Coefficient Essay

    The value of the correlation coefficient is found to be insignificant at 5 per cent level. Secondly, the correlation between ROI and QR is 0.90 which is also found to be insignificant at 5 per cent level. It reveals that there is no correlation between the two variables. It is evident from these two ratios that the lower the company's margin of safety to the short term creditors, the greater is the profitability of the concern. Thirdly, the correlation coefficient between ROI and WCR is -0.133. It implies that there is negative correlation between profitability of the company and the ratio of working capital. At 5 percent level, the value of the correlation coefficient is found to be insignificant as mentioned in Table 2. This is in…

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  • Pearson Correlation Coefficient Essay

    1. QUESTION: Class, what does the correlation coefficients of -1, +1, and 0 tells you about the relationship between the two variables? It depends on the method one uses, but the Pearson correlation coefficient is the most widely used. Values in the form of numbers show the direction and how strong the relationship is between two different variables. These can range from -1.00 up to +1.00. If it is positive it is a direct relationship. For example, if one increases the other will also…

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  • Pascal's Triangle Essay

    Introduction I’m going to start this paper with introducing the history of Pascal’s Triangle, time ranging from 2nd century BC to 18th century AD. Among all the academic works by ancient mathematicians, I’m going to focus on Jiu Zhang Suan Shu [Nine Chapters on the Mathematical Art] composed by Chinese scholars around 2nd century BC-10th century AD. I will use the binomial expansions derived from Pascal’s triangle as an example and then illustrate the coefficients expansion in general. After…

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  • NRC: Noise Reduction Coefficient

    Introduction: The NRC, Noise Reduction Coefficient, is the average of the levels of absorptiveness in a material at four different frequencies; 250, 500, 1000, and 2000 Hz. If a material has an NRC of 0, it will reflect sound. If it has an NRC of 1, it is perfectly absorptive. These numbers can be converted into a percentage, therefore ranging from 0% to 100% in absorptiveness. (Noise Reduction Coefficients (NRC) Ratings for Common Building Materials & Products, n.d.) In order to soundproof…

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  • Heat Transfer Coefficient Lab

    The three objectives of this experiment were to determine the experimental and theoretical overall heat transfer coefficient, the effects of insulation, and the number of fouled tubes in the shell and tube heat exchanger. The flow rates of the hot water supply to the tubes and the cold water supply to the shell were varied, and temperatures for the hot inlet, hot outlet, cold inlet, and cold outlet streams were recorded. These temperatures were recorded for each of the three experimental…

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  • Question And Answers: Coefficient Of The Price Of Pizza

    Answer a: Coefficient of the Price of pizza: This coefficient identifies effect of Price of Pizza. This term provides information that how the average demand for pizza can change with the change in the price of Pizza changes. The Coefficient is -100P where P is the price of Pizza. If there is increase in one unit price of Pizza then the demand for pizza decrease by 100 units. Because -100 X 1 will result in decrease by 100 and if P is 2 then decrease will be -100 X 2 = -200. Coefficient of the…

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  • Patron-Clientelism In China

    policies set by Russia and China and patron-clientelism are no exception. Fiscal policies dictate how much the government spends and how much it taxes. A key difference between a capitalist state and a communist state is that a communist state holds more control over its economy through more government spending and taxation. China’s current economy relies on exports and construction, both areas that the government has great control over. Russia current economy relies on oil and mineral exports,…

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  • Essay On China Capitalism

    I shall compare the different national economies using the criteria of economic inequality. Next, I will attempt to establish the correlation between inequality and the role of the government through redistributive fiscal policies. These statistical findings will eventually be tied to some of the key concepts from the class readings, particularly on the comparison of national systems of political economy. Methodology For data sampling, I have selected four developed countries and two emerging…

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  • Interdependence Global Security

    Inequality will be produced between states, but also within states among different classes. First, this paper will examine inequality within state borders. The Gini coefficient is a tool used to measure the income distribution within the country. A Gini coefficient of 0 means equal distribution of income, while a Gini coefficient of 1 is the most unequal distribution. When the income data is examined in quintiles, one will see inequality rising. The interesting factor being income inequality…

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  • Poverty In China Essay

    out of poverty. But there are people still suffering from absolute poverty from long-term unemployed, low-income households, rural-urban migrant workers and farmers living in rural areas today. The incomes of the poor have been growing, yet it appears that the rich are also getting richer much faster. This is due to development policies that favor only in heavy industry, cities and special economic zones in coastal areas. As a result, urban residents earned approximately twice more than those…

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