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  • Essay On Geek Culture

    The purpose of the study, A Psychological Exploration of Engagement in Geek Culture, was to identify and understand why people participate in geek culture. Geek culture is defined as a subculture of enthusiasts that are interested in “obscure” media such as anime, sci-fi, and videogames. However, there are many faucets of the culture and it has become increasingly appealing to mainstream audiences, causing a greater shift in active engagement. Despite geek interests once being marginalized,…

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  • Sets Of Regression Analysis

    In this experiment, the two sets of data obtained from the same subjects were analyzed. First, the JNDs from the four subjects was pooled together and a repeated measures ANOVA analysis was performed. Then, Weber’s fractoin (JND/line length) was applied to the original data to compute the weber fraction and the same analysis test were performed. For this study, we were specifically interested on the data yielded from the Test of Within-Subjects Contrast and Effects and an ANOVA performed from…

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  • Irony In Richard Cory, By Edwin Arlington Robinson

    Edwin Arlington Robinson’s poem, “Richard Cory,” is brimming with irony. The brilliant use of situational irony takes the seemingly perfect life of Richard Cory and surprises us all once we reach the last line of Robinson’s poem. In fact, this poem seems eerily similar to Robin Williams’ situation. Richard Cory and Robin Williams both appeared to have their lives together; both rich, always smiling and making other happy, and were both held to higher standards. However, much like Richard Cory,…

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  • Determinative Factors For Teachers Job Motivation

    Article 1: Some Determinative Factors for Teachers’ Job Motivation Step 1: Identify the question: As it pertains to the teacher-learning environment, what are the potential factors that contribute to teachers’ job motivation? Step 2: Choose a sample or samples of analysis: 201 Romanian teachers from across all educational levels were selected to complete the three qualitative questionnaires (DM, SP, and MM). 161 females and 40 males were graded on a seven-point Likert scale. Seniority in…

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  • The Effects Of Work And Family Conflict In Taiwan

    However, even though this is the population from which a sample was taken for the research, it may be assumed that ultimately the goal of the study is to define the population as all workers in Taiwan, for purposes of extrapolation of the data. Additionally, only respondents holding a full-time job were selected for the analysis in order to highlight the potential effects of work/family conflict (Lu et al., 2011). Description of Data and Descriptive Statistics A wide variety of data was…

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  • Correlation Between Extraversion And Self Esteem

    Abstract The aim of the study is to investigate the relationship between extraversion and self-esteem. A total of seventy-one undergraduate psychology students from a private university were recruited for this study. The participants were asked to fill up two questionnaires in regards to extraversion and self-esteem which were the Big Five Inventory (BFI) and the Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale. The relationship between the two variables was statistically analyzed using the Pearson’s r correlational…

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  • Group Differences

    Because the individual differences of slope are found the non-significant, the planned t tests are not applied to examine the subsets of within group differences. On the other hand, the group difference of mean slope was examined for an overall identification of slope change. The group differences of slope are found t= 13.66, p< .01. The mean slope increased from pretest to posttest M1 = .54 to M2 = .60, but not statistically significant. As shown in Figure 3, children in the blocks-group…

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  • Feelings Of Anxiety And Regression Analysis

    A total of four hypotheses were examined using the following variables: feelings of tension and anxiety before and after watching a video in which a news story covered a student going to a college campus with the intent of harming people, perceived threat while watching the video, perceived threat while watching similar news coverages, the number of hours a day spent consuming news, and participant gender. First, to test the hypothesis that feelings of tension and anxiety will be higher after…

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  • Participant Motivation And Participant Observation

    What- For over a century, an ethnographic method known as ‘participant observation’ has been an essential tool utilised in various anthropological and sociological disciplines in order to collect important qualitative research about people, their activities, and their cultures. (Kawulich, B 2005) Participant observation enables a researcher to learn about the studied culture and its associated activities in a natural setting, through the acts of observing and participating in these activities.…

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  • Conscientiousness

    GENDER When comparing gender, the connection between conscientiousness and academic performance is fully facilitated by effort. Females have higher levels of conscientiousness and academic performance when compared to males (Berings, De Feyter, Van den Broeck, Brebels, & Proost, 2013). Therefore, females study more in comparison to their male peers and can generally be described as being more organised, disciplined and motivated to achieve. These vital traits of conscientiousness result in high…

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