The Benefits Of High School Football

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High School football is something that can’t be just described in just a couple of words. When you go to a High School football game in Texas you can see faithful supporters filling the stands which are waving their hands and homemade signs in support of their team. You hear the cheers and screams from the crowd. You can smell the hot dogs, burgers, pizza, pretzels, and popcorn from the concession stands. The marching band playing loud to match the noise and energy of the crowd. This memory could not be possible without the financial support received from different supporters who love the sport.
I agree with your statement Craig, that high school football can help a community, school, and athletic department financially in different forms.
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They profit year around with their different strategies. My brother is currently on the football team and we collect funds by selling journals filled with our sponsors which helps support the growth of the athletic department like in the building of a new stadium, transportation for the players, team equipment, film recordings, and for maintenance. The Booster Club helps by running the concession stand which helps provide funds to help feed the players, coaches, and support staff when on the road. It’s hard to find necessary funds to feed 70 members when on the road. I have one football player and it usually takes over 3 Big Mac meals to fill him up after a game. Just think how much money is needed to just feed over 50 …show more content…
Just imagine that’s just for one person with a small appetite. They just spent 57 dollars at one home game. There are usually five home games, not including playoff games. So, they might spend around 285 dollars a season for a High School Football Game. Just think how much you spend for a Dallas Cowboy Game. Knowing from experience you can spend over 1,000 dollars on just tickets for a regular season game.
I feel like payday and sporting events don’t truly correlate. Through this semester I’ve learned that there is only a very limited positive correlation between changes in income and changes in consumption. So, an increase in cash doesn’t mean that they will spend more at games but they will because of their love for the game and the

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