Relationship Between Citizenship And Task Performance

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Company Value: Job Performance: Citizenship and Task Behavior
Company value is highly correlated, with statistical significance, to citizenship behavior. This supports our hypothesis that states, “If employees feel connected, and apart, of their company’s culture they are more likely to be aligned with organizations mission and values.” Employees who feel connected to their organization often go above and beyond in their job tasks, and exceed goals set by their organization. These employees often exhibit high interpersonal citizenship behavior where employees voluntarily assist their coworkers by supporting and motivating in a way that exceeds the employee’s normal job tasks.
Company value is positively correlated to task performance. This
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This supports our hypothesis, which states, “Employees who are lead by individuals they believe are quality leaders, and are offered mentor-type relationships with management, will perform better and this will lead to more quality output for the company.” This positive correlation shows that our survey respondents believe that quality leadership and mentoring lead to quality employee behaviors yielding quality company output. This makes sense as the individuals with quality leadership and mentors should gain a better understanding of their job responsibilities and job purpose. With this better understanding, intrinsic motivation is increased which leads to the quality output.
Additionally, leadership and mentoring is positively correlated to citizen behavior. This also supports our hypothesis. Leadership and mentoring will always lead to a more positive work environment. Leadership and mentoring provide the employee with clear personal and organizational goals with a guided and directed path. This goal aligning contributes to the work place operating at an efficient level, which then creates a positive work environment fostering improvements on a daily

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