Pearson product-moment correlation coefficient

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  • Demographic Study Essay

    In the current study, the SDQ scores were only collected from children through self-report, multi-informant strategy by include parent reports and teacher reports could be used in future research to strength the research findings. Only one instrument was used in this study to evaluate the psychosocial health of children’s development as the dependent variable, which may not be valid and reliable for this study to be replicated. In order to improve the validity of psychosocial health evaluation as well as increase the accounted amount of variation, other instruments, such as Child Behavior Checklist (CBCL) with the internalizing and externalizing subscales (Goodman & Scott, 1999), could also be applied in this study and Pearson product-moment correlation coefficient r could be conducted to measure the subscales of the two instruments. From a methodology aspect, another limitation of this study is that the current study only have one dependent variable and one independent variable by conducting a simple ANOVA test to compare the means of psychosocial health scores. Thus, other potential factors mention above were excluded from this study, which resulted in the poor implication of the study. Future research need to consider more potential factors and generate other dependent variables that related to children’s psychosocial development to conduct more comprehensive studies using higher level of quantitative research methodologies in order to have a broader implication for other…

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  • The Benefits Of High School Football

    Just imagine that’s just for one person with a small appetite. They just spent 57 dollars at one home game. There are usually five home games, not including playoff games. So, they might spend around 285 dollars a season for a High School Football Game. Just think how much you spend for a Dallas Cowboy Game. Knowing from experience you can spend over 1,000 dollars on just tickets for a regular season game. I feel like payday and sporting events don’t truly correlate. Through this semester I’ve…

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  • UWES Model

    According to these studies, correlations between the engagement and burnout scales range between -.40 and -.60, while the correlations for absorption on the MBI scales are occasionally lower and the correlations for lack of efficacy on the UWES scales are occasionally higher. Engagement is negatively associated with burnout; however, in terms of professional efficacy, it is not closely correlated with engagement. The UWES has two versions: a 17-item full version (six items for vigor, five for…

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  • Bullying Behavior Procedure

    2-way interactions, and the 3-way interaction term will be entered as predictors and Defending Behavior will be entered as the dependent variable. After the regression analyses, if the 3-way interaction is significant, differences between slopes will be tested. Additionally, to analyze the hypotheses related to assisting behavior, two bivariate correlations will be conducted in SPSS. For the first correlation, Assisting Behavior and Empathy will be entered as the variables and for the second…

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  • Relationship Between Citizenship And Task Performance

    This supports our hypothesis, which states, “Employees who are lead by individuals they believe are quality leaders, and are offered mentor-type relationships with management, will perform better and this will lead to more quality output for the company.” This positive correlation shows that our survey respondents believe that quality leadership and mentoring lead to quality employee behaviors yielding quality company output. This makes sense as the individuals with quality leadership and…

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  • Elementary School Data Analysis

    Also, the variable happiness showed a positive correlation to academic functioning. Data Analysis Critique The data were analyzed using correlations. This type of data analysis studied the relationship between variables and chi-square test of model fit. Results Critique The major results of this study are that the three variables from emotion regulation were positively correlated with each other (including happiness, sadness, and anger). Also, peer assessed anger was negatively related to the…

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  • Correlation Coefficient Essay

    The value of the correlation coefficient is found to be insignificant at 5 per cent level. Secondly, the correlation between ROI and QR is 0.90 which is also found to be insignificant at 5 per cent level. It reveals that there is no correlation between the two variables. It is evident from these two ratios that the lower the company's margin of safety to the short term creditors, the greater is the profitability of the concern. Thirdly, the correlation coefficient between ROI and WCR is…

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  • Essay On Shoring Points

    points that a team allows to be scored on them? Here the correlation between three variables will be examined to come to a consensus of whether the points scored or points allowed correlates with the total number of wins. Like any observational study, it is important to come up with a basic hypothesis regarding the data that one is presented with, before any action of analysis. In this case, due to the two separate sets of variables that are being observed, there are two hypotheses. The first…

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  • Academic Engagement Definition

    Discussion This longitudinal study assessed the extent to which academic achievement and engagement were predicted from the academic achievement and engagement of friends and network members. Concurrent Relations As expected, adolescent’s academic achievement was highly correlated with that of their friends and network members. This is consistent with findings from U.S. studies. Ryan (2001) found that students’ academic levels were similar to group’s academic levels with the correlations…

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  • Itp Research Paper

    by the intra-class correlation coefficient (ICC) and an ICC of ≥ 0.70 was considered acceptable [12]. All scales had acceptable test-retest reliability (ICC ≥ 0.70) except for the Bother-Physical Health and Activity scales. Internal consistency reliability of ITP-PAQ was assessed using Cronbach 's alpha and an alpha coefficient of ≥ 0.70 was considered acceptable [12]. Cronbach 's alpha of ITP-PAQ ranged from 0.66 to 0.92. Cronbach 's alpha coefficients exceeded the acceptable level of internal…

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