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Introduction and Overview Leadership within organizations is an important issue which needs to be developed at all levels. The development can be worked out at either senior levels or by instilling leadership traits to the general employee population. In today’s organization, we find various forms of leadership; some prevalent types are laissez-faire, charismatic, transactional and transformational leadership. Organizations need to come to terms with any leadership gaps that exist and implement ways to develop positive leadership at various levels. Organizations which promote development of good leadership will find acceleration of positive outcomes appearing in a variety of forms ranging from increased employee loyalty to the development of better products.

Lack of Leadership Strategy and its negative implications on the Organisation Many organizations go about leadership development without performing a thorough review as to if the
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Googles leadership is very keen on creating a positive culture and environment for the employees to work in and to develop leadership traits. “Employees are encouraged to not only come up with innovative ideas but also pursue having them implemented. Google is using an interesting 70-20-10 time allocation formula for its employees in which 70 percent of the time is spent on Google’s core business, 20 percent of the time is spent on off-budget projects related to the core business and 10 percent of time is allowed to be used to pursue ideas based on one’s own interest” (Manimala, 2013). “Google also has a policy of hiring employees who have greater potential to be leaders and visionaries as it has a policy to hire only class-A employees, although there would be savings in hiring class-B people; Google however does not want to risk having the company in the long run turn into mediocrity” (Manimala,

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